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Wed 15 Mar 06 - Kimmy, I REALLY Wish That ..... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Kimmy, I REALLY Wish That Hyde Hadn’t Stopped You From Being Drowned When You Were Young"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 15 Mar 06 - Episode # 4143)

At the van park house, Sally & Ric are talking. Ric says that he is going to start his own business. He shows Sally an ad in the paper about a new grant scheme from the local council. Ric, however, is lees than pleased when he sees that Josh will be the person doing the interviews.

At Amanda's flat, josh enters, and he eventually finds Amanda lying on his bed in tears. Josh tries to explain that he HAD to be with the journo, as it was part of his arrangement so she would run to story, which bagged Kit in the paper (rather than embarrassed Amanda). Amanda seems to believe him, but when Josh exits the room, his phone (still on the bed) ring. Amada sees that it is from a person called Cindy.

At the hospital, Dr Helpman arrives at Rachel's office. He wants a patient file, and does not take too kindly to Rachel being "short" with him. Rachel, however, does go to the nurse’s station and hands him the file.

at Amanda's flat, she confronts Josh about the many woman (according to his phone)that he's been involved with recently. They have a BIG fight, during which Amanda reminds Josh that he signed Titherson's over to her completely!!!!!!! Josh insists that he will have his revenge.

At the hospital, kimmy arrives with a sore ankle. Rachel thinks that kimmy is faking it, but he insists that Colleen's friend dropped a dumb bell (appropriate) on his foot. Kimmy however tries to, all the same, get affectionate with Rachel, despite her protest’s..., and OF COURSE, Dr Helpman is nearby and observes this. He then goes to her office, and see that Kimmy used to be a patient of Rachel's.

Josh returns to Amanda's flat, and he tries to get back on her good side. Amanda is really annoyed that Josh (the love of her life) has been cheating on her. So she threatens revenge.

Josh then arrives at the council; chambers 1/2 hour late... for those grant interviews ... he sees that Ric is on the list, and ask’s to speak to him 1st Ric give’s his proposal, and he sounds V confidenet etc, but when he's done, Josh WAY cuts him down. Josh thinks a proposal about a car wash is sooooo not what this scheme is about. Josh suggests that Ric is as big a loser like Alf.

At hospital, Dr Helpman finds another opportunity to berate Rachel. Rachel goes to her office, and Nurse Julie goes after her. Julie insists that Rachel MUST confront helpman.

At van park house, Ric tells Sally what happen. Josh then arrives. Sally not keen to see him, but then Josh say that Ric has to work as cleaner at SBH.

Amanda is at diner when she get phone call. She then rushes to her flat; the kitchen is totally trashed by smoke & flames. The firemen tell her that the oil was left on the stove.

Amanda goes to surf club, where she confronts Josh. He turns up the heat... threatens to hurt Ryan.

Outside surf club, Ric is about to throw a BIG rock at Josh’s car... but BELLE stops him.

At hospital, Rachel goes to confronts Helpman, but he says that he KNOW about Rachel/kimmy. He suggests that they can come to a (sleazy) arrangement. (End of ep)


Ric & Belle KISS, whilst Rachel deals with love vs. her career

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