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Tues 14 Mar 06 - "Kit Hunter, GODDESS"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Kit Hunter, GODDESS"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 14 Mar 06 - Episode # 4142)

At the beach house, Kit tells Robbie that she has a plan (with a BIG smile on her face). She asks Robbie if he knows anything about PowerPoint presentations.

AT the hospital, Rachel is coming towards that end of a lengthy shift in the ED. She talks to nurse Julie about it – and nurse Julie also comments that Rachel is floating on air the way that only a person in love can be.

Nurse Julie tells Rachel that her latest patient has come in with a chest complaint. When Rachel approaches the patient, she sees that it is kimmy, who is pretending to be sick (unlike me, who is ACTUALLY sick whenever I see kimmy & Rachel together). Rachel tells kimmy that he should not be here – but kimmy none the less is keen to get a little frisky with Rachel. Rachel; suggests that they should save this for elsewhere – however, the two do briefly kiss before kimmy bails (after they agree to meet later).

At the surf club, a crowd begins to gather for the presentation about Project 56. Josh is speaking to a female journalist when Amanda arrives. The journo tells Amanda that she is expecting this to become a story that could get national exposure (ironic words).

Rachel arrives at the beach house. Threes’ a note on the back door, in which kimmy writes that he is in the shower, but the door is open. Rachel enters, and goes into lounge, and kimmy (wearing only a towel) enters the room. They PASH.

At the surf club, Morag, Tony & co are rather pessimistic about the whole Project 56 situation, but kit surprises them with the way she is speaking like she is walking on air.

Martha & jack enter, and kit asks jack how he is (because of his recent hospitalisation). Martha wonders where Robbie is, and he enters seconds later (after no doubt, amending a certain PowerPoint presentation.)

Josh then does his opening speech about Project 56 – during which we see that occasional glimpse of the WAY grinning Kit).

When josh completes his spiel, he hands over to the head of titherson’s, Amanda! – Who, after a short address to the crowd, SHOCKS them when she unveils an artist’s impression of the Graham Walters Memorial Bridge? Colleen & the townsfolk are way enraged.

Amanda wants the crowd to see the PowerPoint presentation that have put together, but the likes of colleen wonder what power points have got to do with this …. And everyone wants Amanda’s blood … but (hehehehehe) Kit insists that they should hear her out (be afraid, be V afraid).

The PowerPoint presentation begins … with 3 muchly NAKED pics of Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, at the back house, kimmy & Rachel are lying on the floor, and they are being way sickly sweet to each other (all I can say is ….. bucket please)

AT the diner, Kit, Morag & co talk about Kit’s genius. As they are doing so, colleen enters, complaining about the pornography she was exposed to. Tony then brings things back to earth … by insisting that this (kit’s brilliance) is only a temporary setback for josh & co.

At Amanda’s flat, she is WAAAAAAAAAAAY stressing about her ruined reputation. Josh tells her that he will speak to the journalists about all this … and sort things out.

At the diner, kimmy enters, and reminds colleen about the gym class she has signed up for (as her ankle is much better now). Rachel enters. And she & kimmy V cordially greet each other.

Kimmy then goes over and speaks to the like of Tony, Morag about what happened at the launch. As they are talking, Amanda enters …. She speaks to them with the vigour (bitchiness) we expect from Amanda … and she insists that the bridge WILL go ahead and ruin this sleepy backwater.

At Noah’s, josh & talking to the female journalist when Amanda enters. She suggests to the journo that she has a GREAT new angle on the project 56 launch.

Next morning, at the diner, kimmy is trying to really “gee” up colleen before her gym class today (and as usual, colleen wonderfully says something wrong ... when kimmy said endorphins, colleen said DOLPHINS instead.)

Jack & Martha enter with the newspaper, and they try to stop kit form seeing it – as the cover story is “obsessed alcohol targets launch” (or words to that effect).

Kit cannot believe that this has happened, but jack insists that if kit does anything to Amanda, the police (given kit’s record) WILL have act.

AT the gym, kimmy begins his gym class, and throughout colleen is WAAAAy complaining. Kimmy is surprised, yet pleased, when Rachel enters, and when he talks to her, she insists that if he can visit her workplace …

Kit goes to Amnda’s flat …. And WAY confronts the vixen. It is a heated duel, during which Amanda says that she will always be better than kit, kit bails, but not before, she insists that this is not over yet!!!

AT the major’s office, Josh is kissing the female journalist (who has all her clothes on at this point) …. When kit enters the council chambers and sees josh with another woman.

Kit goes back to Amanda’s flat. Amanda is sooooo “pleased” to see kit again so soon. Kit tells Amanda tells she was just at the council chamber and Josh made a pass at her. Amanda does not believe kit …. And the way that Amanda is talking makes kit realise that Amanda is SERIOUSLY in love with josh. Kit gets Amanda so riled that Amanda decides to go to the council chambers to prove kit wrong.

However, when Amanda (and kit) arrived, josh and the now in just her underwear journalist are PASHING. Josh is shocked when he sees Amanda, whilst kit has a BEAMING smile on her face (and you can imagine she is thinking, “couldn’t happen to a “nicer” person).

Amanda charges towards the exit of the council chambers, and josh goes after her. He insists that this is not how it looked (been hearing a lot of that lately). As an unknown female council worker walks by josh, he remembers that he is not exactly dressed as a mayor should be …. Shirt untucked etc (end of ep)


The war begins between Josh & Amanda (looks like Amanda’s flat is torched), whilst Dr Help man makes a scandalous offer to Rachel

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