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Fri 10 Mar 06 - " Region 8 "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Region 8 "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 10 Mar 06 - Episode # 4140)

Rachel enters Leah’s house ... and is ready to tell Leah all about her shockingly bad day, however, Leah begins telling Rachel about her own problems (leah/dan split) and whilst Leah rabbits on you can see that Rachel is annoyed that Leah is ignoring her pain. Rachel finally decides she’s had enough. She tells Leah that she can't deal with this any longer. Rachel bails, and Leah wonders what’s happened (and she is annoyed that she ignore Rachel’s pain).

At the police station, jack is telking to lara about peter. She says that he that she hopes that peter has been able to get over the stalker case that he invested so much of his time etc in.

Jack & Lara are instructed by their superior officer to go to sort out a domestic dispute. After jack has already exited, jack wonders what Lara was talk to jack about. She says that she was commenting about how peter was sooo involved with the stalker case.

Rachel is running along the beach. Kimmy is in the water. He can see that she is distress. He rushes towards her .... and initsinsists that she looks like she’s pushing herself TOO hard.

Leah enters the van park house, and tells sally that she's made some food for her family. Leah says that its because sally has much more ppl to care for than Leah. Martha tell Leah that she's sorry that leah/dan split has happen ... and sally says that she had to tell Martha because she wonder why Dan is living in van. Sally says that she knows her family will keep things quiet. Dan enters the room (via back patio). He is spurriers to see Leah there. Leah say that Dan doesn’t have to leave because of her, but Dan say that he only at van park house to pay his rent.

Kimmy & Rachel enter surf club. Kimmy says that he usually overdoes things when he is trying to block out other problems. Rachel says that others have more problems than here. Kimmy then wonders if Dr Helpman is causing Rachel more anguish. Rachel not say anything .... but the look on her face says it all. so kimmy hug her.

Jack & Lara enter the police station and they've dealt with the domestic dispute. Jack's superior surprises him by saying that jack is being temporarily transferred to Region 8. Jack wonders why this is happening (and he is suspicious of jack)

Jack enters Peter’s office. They majorly have a verbal clash ion which jack accuses peter of getting him out of the way. because they are shouting, the officer in charge of the station enters. He tells jack o get out of peter office. Jack’s superior tells peter that he will bring jack into line.

At the surf club, Rachel tells kimmy that if she complains about Helpman is WILL make things worse. Rachel says that she will ride the storm for now. Kimmy wants to do something about the situation .... but Rachel thinks that is BAD idea, as Helpman will use it against her.

Dan is talking to Irene at the diner, when colleen approaches. This leads to colleen discovering that leah/dan have gone their separate ways. Dan tells colleen that they are trying to keep things (the split) quiet. Colleen however quickly bails from diner.

At the van park house, Martha has just got off phone. She tells sally that Alf is an OK as someone can be in prison.

Colleen enters, and talks to Leah about the split. Colleen tells Leah that Dan didn’t really say anything, she just work things out. Leah however thinks that Dan should have stuck to their story an told colleen otherwise.

At the police station, jack talks to his superior. Jack thinks that peter is acting V suspicious. Superior officer suggests that jack should lodge formal complaint, but jack says no. Superior says that if jack keeps up this attitude, he might be permanently transferred.

At the surf club, racehl is pleased that kimmy agree not to say anything. Kimmy say that he knows about how alone ppl can seem (and he cites his own pain after truth about bay Noah was uncovered). Rachel tells kimmy that she is glad that he is there for her. They hug ...... and this is seem by Hyde (who just enter room).

At the van park house, Leah is still way mead at Dan. She tell colleen than their kids not even know yet etc. Leah sys that there is no chance of reconciliation ...as things have been brewing for months.

Jack enters the house and wants to speak Martha. They go onto back patio. Jack know that there is soeting going on .... Jack is determined to discover truth.

At the gym, peter had just finish workout. Hyde approaches kimmy and asd a go at him for THAT hug. Kimmy says that Hyde is overacting, and that kimmy can be just friends with Rachel

Jack drives to the surf club. Martha is in car with him. She thinks it’s a bad idea to be following peter. Jack, however, sees peter exits surf club and drive off. Jack follows.

At the diner, colleen tells Dan that Leah knows that colleen knows about the split. When colleen mentions that Leah said somehow about his gambling. Dan is annoyed and says something like "she blames me for this"

Dan charges into Leah’s house. They have a najo9r fight, and each is blaimg the other for what’s happen. Dan has had enough ... so he bails.

Jack & Martha follow peter until he reaches that shipping container. Jack seeing peter open it, but hides as peter exits. Peter drives off .... and Martha want to go home ... as things are V dangerous.

Rachel & kimmy talk on beach. Kimmy tells Rachel about Hyde seeing then. Rachel tells kimmy that she want him to really back off, as she's worked to hard to ruin her career now. Kimmy says that he wants their relationship to continue now matter the cost. Rachel then "melts" ...... and they PASH.

At the van park house, jack wants to go and check out that container. Martha doesn't want him to ..... and jack "promises" not to.

later that night, jack goes to the conatinert. he tries to force it open ..... but he gets knocked unconscious ...... by PETER (end of ep)


Things are looking creepy as the promo says that this is just the start (and shows a pic of Zoe)

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