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Tues 7 Mar 06 - " An Old Fashioned Dignity "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "An Old Fashioned Dignity"

Robbie is sitting near the beach when Tash approaches. Robbie tells Tash that he is working on a speech for the funeral. Tash senses that something isn’t quite right with Robbie, but me insist that it’s just because that he is way stressed over what’s happened.

Beth & Tony are in the front yard of their houses. Tony comments at the state that garbagemen left to just emptied bins. Beth ignores Tony and walks away. Robbie then arrives home, and wonders if Tony is going to the funeral. Tony says that he’s not sure that he should go. Robbie tells Tony that he knows that Tony didn’t deliberately tell jack about what Beth said etc.

Robbie then speaks to Beth. He says that he wants to speech at the funeral, but he’s not sure what to say. Beth insists that several of Graham’s army mates are coming to the funeral and that one of them is planning on speaking at funeral. Robbie then tries to talk to Beth about Tony, but she clearly doesn’t want to talk about Tony.

Amanda & josh are at her flat. Amanda is dressed all in black and her flat is all prepared to host the wake for Graham (complete with a BIG framed photo of Graham). Josh is stressing about what’s happened, but Amanda insists that she IS going to get what is hers (ie Graham’s money).

AT the funeral, an army mate of Graham’s tells everyone that Graham saved his life during the (Vietnam) war.

Before they lower the coffin into the ground, several items – roses, an army slouch hat etc – are placed atop it.

Amanda then tells everyone that she has arranged to hold the wake at her place, but Morag suggests that Amanda can drop the loving wife act. Amanda responds by insisting that this isn’t over yet.

When most ppl have gone, Robbie is crouched by the gravesite. He tells his late grandad that he is sorry. Tash approaches, and says, “it was you, wasn’t it?” (Note – I was expecting Tash to say this line because she could sense Robbie’s pain, not just because she’s heard him confess as it were).

Robbie & Tash are at the Beach, and Robbie tells Tash of the fond memories that he has of Graham. Robbie also speaks of how Graham always had an old fashioned dignity that Robbie admired.

Robbie tells Tash that he couldn’t believe that Graham became putty in Amanda’s hands, he continues by insisting that he should have told ppl about Amanda & josh.

Robbie then tells Tash that he HAD to act (by turning off the life spt machines). Robbie then really begins to be emotional, as he insists that Tash that he is WOIRSE than Amanda …. As he killed his own grandfather.

At the wake of the hunter house, Morag tells Beth that Alf sends his condolences. Irene & Hyde, meanwhile, talk about the obvious emotional distance between Beth & Tony.

Amanda is alone at her flat and she is clearly annoyed. She then grabs that big, framed pic of Graham and bails.

Amanda then charges into the Hunter house. She’s annoyed that there was a change of venue for the wake. Amanda & Beth have a MAJOR verbal clash, during which Beth insists that Amanda is STILL making a mockery of Graham. Amanda finally bails, after Beth insist that for her to “get out or I’ll throw you out”.

Amanda talks to josh at the mayor’s office. They are both uneasy, as their investors will be arriving soon. Josh insists that he’ll handle things. The investors arrive early, but josh tells that that he is in the final stages of acquiring the money they need. The investors insist that if they haven’t received that funds by tomorrow, they’ll send over some “friends” (thugs) to deal with josh.

Tash & Robbie approach the hunter house. Tash insists that she is settling in well back at the beach house.

Robbie then enters the hunter house, and Kit is gloating when she says that Beth threw Amanda out of the wake. Morag insists that the Hunters shouldn’t have nay more trouble form Amanda. Morag says this just before she exits the house.

Tony then insists, to Beth, that they have to sort out their troubles. They go outside, and Graham tells Beth that he thinks she reacted the way she did because he was sooooo close to the truth. Beth tells Tony that she thought about it (turn of machines) but she the mere thought of it frightened her. Beth apologises for blocking Tony out because of all of this.

Amanda & josh are at her Flat and josh is stressing about the investors. When josh says that he is V annoyed that Amanda agreed to THAT pre nup, it gives Amanda an idea. She looks at the post nup, and tells josh that things aren’t over yet …. as Graham is going to talk from beyond the grave.

Amanda & Graham’s solicitor enter the hunter house, Beth & her family are SHOCKED when the solicitor announces that a handwritten (which leaves everything to Amanda) has been found. The solicitor insists that this will overturns what’s in the post nup (end of ep)


Is this TOTALLY the end for Leah/Dan ???

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