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Mon 6 Mar 06 - "Divided"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Divided"

At the hunter house, Tilly, Beth & co are totally in shock about what's happened. Tilly suggested that she thinks that ppl will think one of the hunters did tis, but Beth insists that her kids shouldn't be thinking this way.

At Amanda’s flat, josh is gloating about their recent legal wins, but you can see (expression on her face) that Amanda KNOWS about graham. Indeed, when she tells josh, he throws that glass of champagne he is holding against the wall.

Beth & her kids (and Tony etc) go to the hospital, and jack & peter tell them that graham's body is being taken away for an autopsy. Amanda arrives, and she totally goes off at Beth & her family. Kit in partic shouts back at Amanda.

Beth & her children are not exactly shocked when Peter wants that to come down to the station for question.

When they arrive, Beth isn't pleased that even Tilly is going to be interviews, and the police insist that Beth can be in the room with Tilly.

Beth is that 1-st to be interviewed. She answers Peter’s questions about her movements today. Btw, peter wasn’t keen on jack being there in the interview room (because of his connections with the hunters).

We then see a montage of Kit, Robbie & Tilly being interviewed. Each says that they were alone at the time of graham's death.

When they return to the hunter house, Beth is still annoyed that her kids where questioned. At this point, Tilly says that she thought that Kit was going to SERIOUSLY flatten Amanda. Beth then wonders where kit is.

Moment’s latrer, we see kit storm into the major's office. She SOOOOOO not surprised that Amanda is in there talking to josh. Kit is all but gloating when she says that she is REALLY pleased that Amanda can no longer get her hands on graham’s money.

At the hunter place, there seems to be some emotional distance between Tony &* Beth. Jack enters, and gets an abrupt response form Tilly when he wonders how the family is holding up. Kit returns, and mentions her run in with josh & Amanda. Beth is NOT pleased ... and suggests that her family stay away from Amanda etc.

AT the major's office, Josh & Amanda are both WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY blaming each other for the mess that they are now in.

At the hunter place, Tony decides to bail, and when Beth leaves the room, kit winders (to Robbie & tilly) what's happening between Beth & Tony. Kit then tells Robbie that the pepper doesn't go in the fridge. Robbie insists that he is distracted by what happen. Robbie then decides to go to bed.

Outside the surf club, jack approaches Tony, they start talking about what's happeened ..... and Tony reveals that Beth (in anger) said that she wants to turn off the machines. Jack insists that he MUST reveal this info to Peter, but Tony tries to convince him not to.

Next day, jack (in uniform) is walking down the street with Martha. He tells her that he'd got a tough choice to make. Martha doesn't know that circumstances, so she insists that jack should be the right thing.

At the police station, jack tells peter of that info .... and when Beth is questioned again, she insists that the comment was said in the heat of the moment and that she meant nothing by it. Beth seems partic angry that this has probably come to light because of Tony.

When Beth returns home, she "suggests" to her kids that she wants to be alone sith tony. She then lets him have it .... Tony insists that it was just said in passing to jack, but Beth is still V angry. Beth then suggests that she and Tony shouldn't be together after all.

Back at the police station, jack tells peter that he really doesn't think that any of the hunters did this, but peter insists that grief makes things do crazy things.

We then see Robbie sitting on the front porch of the hunter place. He looks distressed .... and a series of flashbacks reveal why .... Robbie was the one who pulled the plug so to speak (end of ep)


Amanda insists that she WILL find a way to get graham's money, whilst Tash "just knows" that Robbie is the guilty party.

Memorable Moments

On this date (Mar 7) last year, the ep where Jessie and Josie ALMOST got married screened in Australia

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