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Fri 3 Mar 06 - " A Prisoner's Request ”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " A Prisoner's Request ”

TH ep begins with Alf getting out of the police van, and entering his new (temporary) home ..... PRISON. We see him enter the jail ...and doing various things before he emerges in the prison yard in one of THOSE "fetching" green shirts.

AT the van park house, Morag tells the likes of sally & Martha that she wishes that she’d been able to get a continuance .. which would have allowed the case to be heard by a WAY less biased judge. Ric insists that he's to blame for alf going to jail ... as things seemed to go REALLY downhill for Alf after josh mentioned the assault. Ric can't handle things anymore ... so he bail.

At the diner, colleen insists that she won't serve the vile scum that josh is. Ric & Martha then enter, and despite Martha’s telling Ric to WAY calm down, Ric can't help himself. He knocks josh to the ground .... and hold him down. Ric insists that if Alf is harmed in prison, then Ric will make josh pay for it. All the while, Martha is trying to persuade Ric to stop some futile actions.

When Ric & Martha return to the van park house, Martha is REALLY roasting Ric, and she insists that beating josh is going to take Brains, not brawn. (Great performance by Jodi Gordon, btw).

Morag & sally then arrive back the van park house. Morag says that she's had at least one win today .... She’s arranged to visit Alf today. Ric & Martha are keen to go too ... but sally inists that she has to go and pick little pippa up from daycare etc.

Josh enters Amanda’s flat. They WAY hug ..... and josh tells Amanda the great news that Alf is in jail form at least 9 months. At this point, you can see that Amanda thinks that all of this has gone a little too far. Josh then tells Amanda that she SHOULD be at the hospital ... appear to be the loving, dutiful wife of graham. Amanda insists that she was there all of yesterday & last nights, but josh doesn't care. He also tells her that they MAY experience a little cash flow problem (maybe because the Believers aren't around to bribe him anymore) but josh insists that he will deal with it.

AT the hospital, Beth, kit & family are visiting Graham. Beth goes off because she notices that Amanda hasn't even bought in graham’s fave pillows etc. when Amanda does arrive, Beth really verbally attacks grahams so called loving wife.

At the hunter house, Luke & Tony are in the kitchen. Tony tells Luke that he like to be doing more for Beth. Luke then states the obvious by saying " you really like her, don't you?"

Beth & her family then enter. Indeed, Beth storms in .... and she is WAY complaining about Amanda.

AT the prison, Morag, Ric & Martha are talking to Alf. Morag insists that the appeals process has began etc. Alf tells Ric that he has to WAY lift his game, as Ric is man the man of the house so to speak. Morag then asks Alf is there's anything that he'd like.

Seconds later, Morag tells sally (at the van park house) that Alf wants to see her. Sally is worried about who will look after little pippa whilst she is at the prison, but Martha offered to do so.

Beth enters Amanda’s flat, Amanda is shocked that Beth is there (Beth entered via spare key). Amanda insists that if Beth doesn't leave then she will call the police. Beth isn't ready to budge, and then Josh (dressed only in a towel) exist the bathroom. Amanda insists that "its not what you think", but Beth says "it's EXACTLY what I think"

Beth returns to the hunter house. She tells Tony, Robbie & co about josh & Amanda. Beth is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY livid about this. Beth & her family REALKLY want to uphold graham’s wishes (to die with dignity) even more now, but Tony is the voice of reason ... he insists that they can’t go against the judges' ruling.

When sally visit Alf in orison, Alf insists that he's sorry that he let EVERYONE down. Sally insists that this is NOT the case. Alf then tells sally that he doesn’t think the an old guy like him can last 9 months in a place like this, but sally insists that Alf has ALWAYS been the strong one. Alf then makes another request to sally .... He wants Martha to move into the van park house whilst he is in prison. Sally readily accepts Alf’s request.

When sally returns to the van park house, she tells Martha of Alf’s request and they comment that this will mean 2 of Alf’s family (Ric & Martha) will be living in the van park house now. Morag enters, and she that the appeals process will be a lengthy one, but she gives dally & co hope by insisting that she has several other avenues to pursue.

At the jail, Alf & the other inmates are called back to the cells. Alf isn't moving, and he only does so when a guarded when is on a gantry above "suggests" that he should.

Beth enters Graham’s room at the hospital. She then gives an impassioned speech whilst sitting on his bed. Beth wished that she had had more time with her father, and that she is rally annoyed that they spend so many years apart because of their different opinions. Indeed, Clarissa House has at her BRILLIANT best during this awesomely emotional scene.

Beth ten returns to the Hunter house, and she is talking to Tony about graham etc, when the phone rings. It’s the hospital ..... Graham is gone .... Someone has switched off his life support machine (note 1 - end of ep Note 2 - they focused on Robbie after the shocking announcement was made, but I thought that this might have been a ruse, but recent spoilers suggest that it may indeed have been Robbie who did this)


Beth's whole family is under suspicion of pulling the plug on graham ???

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