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Thurs 2 Mar 06 - "Here Comes The (Corrupt) Judge”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Here Comes The (Corrupt) Judge”

At the diner, kimmy enters and sees kit sitting at one of the tables. He can see that she is distressed. Kit insists that she is realty feeling like she missed out on the opportunity with her granddad Graham, after he used to be a cranky old man but these days he’s been much better, kit thinks its terrible that graham is being kept alive JUST because of Amanda’s greed.

Kimmy goes to the counter, where he encounters Rachel. He suggests that perhaps Rachel should to talk to kit, but Rachel (because of the whole kimmy wanting her to speak up about Dr Helpman) isn't overly keen to talk to kimmy that much. Kimmy then goes back to talking to kit.

Soon after, kit & kimmy enter the hunter house, and kit tells kimmy that she knows something is going on between he & Rachel. Kimmy units that they tried to start a relationship, but Rachel can't do that because it might be said that she used her status as kimmy counselor (a position of power against him). Kimmy then jokes about himself not having the best luck with women ... and this comment (naturally) draws a rather wry smile form Kit.

At the hospital, Rachel is walking in te corridor when she encounters Dr Helpman - and you can WAY see that she isn't overly keen on Helpman putting his hand on the small of her back as they walk ^& talk.

Soon after, another doctor tells Rachel & Helpman that Rachel has been nominated for a prestigious award. One of the provisos for the award is to prepare a speech that you would give if you win the ward. Helpman offers to assist Rachel prepare the speech. He suggests that they do work on the speech at Rachel’s place tonight. Rachel agrees to it - but only because she thinks that Leah will be home as well.

However, when Rachel gets home, she finds a note from Leah - saying that Leah has gone to her mum's place for the evening. Rachel then grabs her mobile - and tries to ring Helpman .... but as she does, he can see that he is at the door. He knocks ...and Rachel is somewhat annoyed.

She invites him in but tells him about Leah not being there. Helpman clearly likes the idea of being alone with Rachel. Rachel then suggests they should get started on the speech bout Helpman wants them to have dinner (he bought over some Thai food and a bottle of wine) beforehand.

Much later that night, Rachel insists that Helpman has given he more that enough help, and she escorts his to the door, but you can see that Rachel is annoyed that she didn’t speak up and tell Helpman that him touching her is MOST unwanted attention.

Alf's court case begun with the prosecuition lawyer, and Morag (Alf’s lawyer of course) saying their opening statements. Morag insists to the judge - the same one that presided over the recent hearing about the right to switch graham’s life spt off - that Alf is a fine upstanding member of the community, and that he has been framed in order for others (josh) to gain).

The judge asks the prosecution to call its 1-st witness - jack Holden.

When jack takes the stand, he is asked about the V facts of the crime in question, i.e. when the fraudulent transaction to place and what Alf said that he was doing at the time.

Alf is surprised when Morag doesn't question the witness, but Morag insists that if she did, it morag appear as though they are looking for a legal loophole to escape this mess - which would make Alf look guilty.

When the prosecution calls its next witness, a forensic IT specialist, ALf is schocked .... as the IT guy is the same man who offered Alf a BIG donation to his campaign fund.

The judge insists that Morag should keep her client in line etc, if not, Morag will be held in contempt of court (note - someone should have have order a lie detector test ion the IT guy).

When the IT guy is questioned be the prosecution, he insists that, after careful examination of all the facts etc, there’s no doubt that Alf committed thatis crime.

At the van park house, Alf, Morag & co are clearly of the belief that this judge is well and truly in josh's pocket. Alf even mentions that josh was looking V smug at the back of the courtroom.

Morag then gives everyone a slither of good news. After she gets off the phone, she says that the IT guy was arrested for hacking into an online bank. Alf however is seething when Morag can’t use this against the IT guy, as he wasn’t charged. After some persuasion, Morag insist that she can, during the court case, bring the IT guy’s past to light ... but in a more subtle way.

Back in court, the IT guy is in the witness box, and moar5g questions him as to hard difficult it is to hack into a bank’s online system. The IT guy insists that it's a V difficult thing to do ... but insist that it’s not impossible. Morag then uses THAT arrest against the IT guy .... but the prosecution WAY takes offence because nothing was ever proven.

Morag insist on pushing this point of her case ... and the biased judge once more insists that Morag will be thrown out of court if she continues to proceed in such a manner.

AT the van park house, Alf & co are frustrated about not being able to rally "nail" the IT guy (i.e. prove that he's the same man who offered Alf the campaign donation). Ric insists that he saw the IT guy and Josh smile at each other ... but Morag insists that that doesn't prove anything. Ric then says that he needs to take a walk to cam himself.

On the walk, ric encounters Josh, and ric isn't to keen on seeing him either. Ric insists that when Alf survives this court case, then josh is finished. Josh think that ric is making idle threats, but ric insists that he's keen to see josh be taken down. When josh wonders how this will happen, ric pushes josh, before taking a boxing stance. Josh comments that ric REALLY is Alf’s grandson. Josh also insists that if ric wants to take him on, then ric had better be the last man standing.

The next day, in court, josh is at the witness box. He comets on Alf's alleged fraud .... and mentions that he was physically assaulted by a member of the defendant's family. Josh insists that he doesn't want to press charges ... and when the likes of Alf & Morag look at ric, they are totally death staring him.

In the eps' final segment, the judge hands down her verdict. She says that although she is aware that Alf is a pillar of the communality, he must be punished for EALLY trying to take advantage of that trust. Alf & co is SHOCKED when to judge sentences Alf to am AT THE LEAST 9 month jail sentence.

Alf & co are up in arms ... and as Alf is taking away for the courtroom, he angrily insists to josh that "I’ll get you, you GRUB". When Alf is away passed him, josh similes several times. (end of ep)


Alf's prison term (complete with THOSE green shirts that dani previously "modeled") begins

H&A Related News

i LOVE the new Weddings DVD ..... Although when I watched it last night, the 2 ceremonies that I viewed the most time weren't the 2 of the couples that I like the most (gypsy/will and shane/angel). Indeed, the 2 weddings in question were KK's recommitment ceremony and sally's ALMOST wedding to Kieren (where Gypsy was beyond brave).

BTW, the DVD contains most (Edward/Peta isn’t incl. whereas Robbie/tash is) of the shows’ weddings ….. All in chronological order …. and has, as its Bonus feature, the wedding AND reception eps of when Leah/Vinnie tied the knot.

Also, I though Kate Ritchie was GREAT hosting the DVD …. But it would have been better if they incl. the songs that actually played at some of the ceremony (eg the great Kate Ceberano number which played when Noah/ hayley wed) but at least Kristy’s rendition of “rock n roll’s mine” is still waaay in there, as is Sia Furler’s “How To Breathe” (sung live at Bec & Trav’s wedding).

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