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Wed 28 Feb 06 - "Every Clown Has a Silver Lining"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Every Clown Has a Silver Lining "

AT the police station, jack enters Peter’s office. He accidentally knocks a folder of the desk. Jack is surprised when he sees those gloss pics of Leah in the folder. Peter then entrees the room. he is most annoyed that jack is touching et the folder. Indeed, peter insists that his office is out of bounds when he isn’t there.

Later, peter enters the diner. He tries to speak to Dan, who is V angry at, well, the world (because of the miscarriage). Dan insists that nothing peter can say will make a difference to his anger.

Peter then returns to the station, and immediately goes to his office. He shuts the door and makes a phone call. He tells the woman (I PRAY that it’s not Zoe !!!!!!) that he can’t continue doing what he’s doing. She insists that they have a deal.. but peter insists that things have gotten too personal.

Meanwhile, out in the main area of the police station, jack picks up a phone …. and he hears most of the conversation between Peter and the mystery woman.

At the farm, Mumma rose insists that Tash MUST be found. The believers scatter to try and find Tash, who is closer by than they think. Indeed, Tash uses them fleeing to find her to approach the unguarded Jonah. She tries to free him, but she is spotted about the believers converge on her.

Mumma Rose insists that they’ll dispense with the water treatment … instead Tash will be thrown into the pit and then the fiery cleansing will begin.

Tash then decides to use her status to her advantage. She insists that the believers should be doing HER will, as she is the Chosen One. Mumma rose can’t believe that Tash has the gall to do such a thing, esp. when the believers indeed obey Tasha’s instructions over hers.

AT the police station, Lara gets a phone call. She quickly tells jack & Peter that Rebecca Tate was on the phone, urging the police to help her.

The struggle for power between Mumma Rose and Tash is still arguing when the police arrive. The believers try to scatter but most are caught by jack & his fellow officers. Mumma Rose, however, appears to have escaped.

When peter asks Jonah about muuma rose’s whereabouts, Jonah insists that she has a car (station wagon) nearby … in case of a fire, but peter thinks it was for inc case the place got raided.

At the diner, Irene is talking to alf, Martha etc (see below) when the phone rings. It’s jack.

Seconds later, Irene, Martha & Robbie rush into the hospital. Almost immediately, Robbie sees Jonah, and attacks him, but Tash sees this, and insist that Jonah helped her escape etc, so Robbie backs off.

AT the hospital, Tash tells Robbie & Co that she is really feeling for Jonah. After all, he’s just realised that all his life has been a lie, and that he had to go against his mum etc …. And we get the occasional shot of Jonah in his hospital room.

Tas then notices that Jonah is being walked by her room by jack. Tash approaches Jonah, and insists that he shouldn’t be in trouble with te police. Jonah disagrees, as he KNOWS that he did things that his conscience disagreed with etc. Tash thinks that Jonah more recent acts (helping to save her) should make up for all of that.

Martha & Irene bail form the hospital, leaving Robbie alone with Tash. She insists that she’s sorry for all that happened, but Robbie seems preoccupied. He tells Tash that he has to go.

At the police station, Jonah tells jack & Co that he suspects that mumma rose is either hiding is the bush, or using bush takes that the police can’t accesses to evade the authorities. Jonah insists that Mumma Rose won’t EVER resurface in this neck of the woods.

Robbie enters the police station, and he wants to speak to Jonah. Jack is surprised, but allows it.

Jonah is then V shocked when Robbie isn’t there to rub salt into his wounds. Indeed, Robbie THANKS Jonah for helping Tash is her most desperate hour.

We then see Tash lying is her hospital bed. The camera pans down form her face steadily down to her V tattooed (21006) foot …. and as the camera pans, mumma roses’ words are ringing in Tasha’s ear … “you are the chosen one. You cannot escape your destiny” (end of ep)

AT the diner, alf, Irene, Robbie & Martha are stalking about Alf’s court case. Alf insist that it’s great having Morag as a sister at times like this. Martha way agrees, and alf also says that Morag has major plans to expose josh once the trail is over. Irene is then speechless, after Colleen insists that “Every Clown Has a Silver Lining”.

Dan & Leah return to their own house. Dan is trying to talk to Leah, but she ignores him and heads straight to the bedroom and lies down.

Dan finally realises that he REALLY is getting nowhere talking to Leah, so he tells her that he’s going to the diner for some food. When Dan exits the room, you can see that he is overcome by the emotion of what’s happened.

When Dan arrives at the diner, colleen speaks of the good news about Tash etc, and sys the clown/silver lining bit AGAIN.

Colleen than starts talking about how great it is that Leah is preggers, which causes Dan to break dowel. Hey go into the kitchen where Dan really tells Colleen what’s going on. She suggests that she’ll go to the house and talk to Leah.

When colleen arrives, she is shocked when Leah says that it’s a GOOD thing that she lost the baby. Leah insists that bad things have happen ever since they decide to try to have another bub.

Soon after, colleen suggests that Leah should REALLLY be talking to Dan about all of this. Both Leah & colleen seem surprised when Dan emtrs the room at then very moment. After colleen bails form the room, Leah tells Dan that she truly misses the baby etc ….. and she SOUNDS/looks totally genuine when she says it.


Alf's court ace begins, whilst Ric classhes with Josh

H&A Related News

I bought the new Weddings DVD .... can't wait to check it out tonight ... partic my fave nuptials Shane & Angel and Gypsy & Will.

btw, i had anothor COOOOOL H&A converstion with the person whop served me ... just like i did when i bought the Romances DVD

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