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Tues 28 Feb 06 - "It's Not Easy Being Green"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "It's Not Easy Being Green"

Dan is frantically trying to help Leah when Rachel arrives home. Because Rachel doesn’t know what’s happened, she rabbits on about her hard day, but then she enters the lounge and sees Leah on the floor. She insists that Dan should call an ambulance.

The ambulance officers wheel Leah into the hospital, and Dr Green (yaaay, I remembered his name) immediately begins the process of discovering what’s wrong with Leah.

Soon after, Dan is way stressing about Leah and Rachel tries to calm him. Dr green approaches and says that Leah appears to have a chest infection. When Dan enquires, Dr green says that thus shouldn’t have affected the bay, and when Leah is told that news, she is relieved as Dan. Dr green, however, wants to do further test on Leah.

Dr Green approaches Leah, he says that the tests show that Leah has pneumonia. When Leah mentions her fall into the water etc, Dr green concurs that that if most likely the cause. Dan is about to bail (with crisis over) but Leah insists that Dan should hang around, as (because of collapse) she’s getting an ultrasound today.

AS the stenographer does the ultrasound, things aren’t looking good. He can’t see or hear a heartbeat. The stenographer approaches Dr Green, who confirms my suspicions ….. Leah’s unborn baby is DEAD !!!!!

Dan exits the room, and Rachel sees him, and knows there’s WAY something wrong. Rachel then enters leah’s room …. who insist that “I want it out of me”.

As Leah is wheeled into surgery, Dan speaks to Rachel. He WAY blames himself for the stress that Leah’s been under of late. Rachel tries her best to console Dan … and convince him that this ISNT his fault.

Dan & Rachel are by Leah’s bedside post op. She insists she want to be alone. Dan & Rachel exit, and Dan feel helpless, but Rachel insists that Leah WILL want to talk soon or alter. And that she’ll want to talk to Dan when she does.

At the farm, Tash & Jonah are in chains in a tent that’s guarded by several of the believers. Tash wonders what will happen to herself and Jonah, but before he answers, mumma rose & some of the believers enter. They drag Jonah out of the tent.

Soon after, mumma rose wants Tash to drink some rather questionable looking water. Tash refuses, but she does get mumma rose o hand her the cup …… only to throw its contents at mumma rose’s face. The cult leader insists that its tash’s destiny to give the believers her child. Mumma rose also insists that all will be revealed to Tash tonight, and then mumma rose bails form the tent.

Rebecca enters the tent, and she gives Tash some water. Tash thinks that its tainted like the drink mumma rose tries to give her. Tash pleads with Rebecca to help her, but Rebecca bails form the tent – leaving Tash V stressed.

Some of the believers return Joan to the tent. He looks a TOTAL mess.

Tash is really worried about Jonah as his leg in partic is BAD. Tash wonders about the ceremony that mumma rose spoke of, Jonah says that if someone strays form the believers “path”, they must be cleansed. This means being taken to the river, and then being set on FIRE /…. As the fire will exorcise the evil demons within the person. Tash naturally is shocked !!!!!

Rebecca enters the tent that Tash * Jonah are in., she has a plate of food, and insists that they eat. Tash once more pleads with Rebecca … with seemingly no affect. When Rebecca exits, Tash tips over the plate of food … and she finds a note …. Which she that Rebecca IS going to help them !!!!! (which makes me think that Rebecca's zombie behaviour recently etc was all a ruse to get her trusted with the believers, so she could help Tash)

Soon after, Rebecca enters the Tash tenet once more. She insists that she will help Tash & Jonah escape a little later ton8ight, when everyone else is really busy seating up forth ceremony.

When Rebecca is gone, Jonah is all but in tears as he tells Tash that all his life has been one big lie. Tash insists that who Jonah is now (a GOOD person) is what mater.

Rebecca arrives, and she unlocks the chains, and the trio begins their escape. As they begin to do more that just walk, its clear that Jonah’s leg is V sore … and he’s limping badly.

The trio is spotted and Tash & Rebecca make a run for it … but Jonah is too weak to do so. He is easily captured by several of the believers. Rebecca & Tash are behind a nearby tree, and Rebecca wants them to escape, but Tash insist that she’s NOT leaving Jonah. Rebecca insists that she’ll get help … and she runs away to do so. (end of ep)


Will Tash be able to escape the believers?

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