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Mon 27 Feb 06 - "Secret Police”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Secret Police ”

Author Note - sorry for the lack of detail, but computer problems mean that you're all getting the short version of what happened.

Every man & his dog (well, Alf, Cassie & Morag) can't believe that ric cheated that way he did. Sally is disappointed - but she doesn't rant & rave about it.

Morag actually arrives at the van park house to tell Alf that his court case (for fraud) has been bought fwd. Although when Morag does find out, she's keen to do all she can to get ric into the nearby Reefton lakes high school.

When Morag & Hyde return to the van park house, sally & co are pleased that Morag & Hyde have been successful - but ric isn't. Indeed, ric shocks everyone buy announcing that he's not going back to school.

Soon after, ric has a major clash with Cassie. She insists that they REALLY haven't talked about anything for SOOOOO long.

Leah tries to tell Dan that the kiss was just a heat of the moment. All confused thing, but Dan isn’t listening, whilst, at the police station, peter is clearing frustrated to.

Dan goes to Amanda's place, and he wonders what made her fall for peter. Amanda insists that peter is a V charming man.

Meanwhile, at the station, peter is looking at those pics of Leah. He closes that folder and looks at the covers of several other that are in his hand. One says Dan baker, another kimmy Hyde (and there's no doubt files on other baysiders in his hand).

Peter is most annoyed when jack just barges into the room. Indeed, apart form being V angry with jack, peter V quickly locks those files away in a nearby cabinet.

At Amanda’s place, she suggests that perhaps Dan should move in with her & Ryan for a while. Dan isn't overly keen, but she insists that it will be GREWAT for Ryan tyo have his dad living with him. Dan agrees - and Ryan is indeed pleased. Dan then exits - to get some things form Leah’s place.

Meanwhile, Leah is annoyed when peter arrives at her place. Indeed that are arguing for a bit before peter suggests that Leah should calm down, as it’s not good for baby. Naturally when peter & Leah are talking rationally, Dan enters the house .... and totally goes off at them.

Dan then storms out, followed by Peter, but peter really shouldn't have ... as he ended up with a punch on the face.

Dan returned to Amanda’s place, and told her what happened, whilst sally visited Leah - and thanked Leah for helping her through the Flynn crises. Leah tries to remain stoic (like sally was during the Flynn things) but eventually Leah "breaks". Naturally this relieves sally.

Soon after, Dan comes to visit Leah. She tries to save their relationship, but Dan doesn't want to listen. Indeed he is about to bail when Leah COLLAPSES (end of ep)


Will Leah loose her bub? and tash & Jonah are WAY in danger

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Thanks for those words of appreciation !!!!!

and here's the full lenght version ....

Dan storms into leah’s house, followed by leah. She tries to convince him that the kiss meant nothing. Leah also tells Dan that it occurred when she was V confused etc. but her fall made her realise that Dan is the one she wants to be with. Dan however countered all this by saying something like “if the kiss meant nothing why has it taken so long for me to find out?” Dan then storms back out of the house.

Meanwhile, peter tenters te police station. Jack tries to give him a phone msg but peter simply enters his office (totally ignoring jack). Peter tries to ring Dan – and gets answering machine. Peter then throws something on his desk at the wall in frustation.

Dan arrives at Amanda’s flat. He asks her just what made her fall for peter. Amanda insist that peter charmed her, but tries to limit the damage by saying “not tat you aren’t charming as well”.

At the police station, peter is looking at those pics of Leah. He then put then back in their manilla folder. We then see that he is holding several other manilla folders. One of labelled Dan Baker, and another Kimmy Hyde (and you imagine that the other folder contain info about other bayside residents)

Peter is about to put them in his filing cabinet when jack opens the door to Peter’s office and enters. Peter immediately tears strips off jack for doing so, and then peter locks THOSE files in a nearby cabinet.

Meanwhile, Dan is at a loss at what to do. Amanda suggests that perhaps he could stay at her place for a few days. Dan takes offence to this, but Amanda insists that she isn’t after him, and that it will be great for ran for Dan to be around again. Dan agrees, and Ryan is pleased that Dan is going to be staying with them. Da then exits …. to get some of his things form Leah’s place.

Leah is somewhat surprised, and annoyed, when peter arrives at her house. They argue for a bit before peter suggests that that (arguing) isn’t helping the baby. Leah then calms down, and after she & peter start talking more rationally to each other, Dan (of course) enters. He insists that he was hoping to reconcile … but now he thinks Leah & peter are a bunch of liars.

Dan exits the house, and peter follows him. Peter tries to makes Dan see reason, but Dan isn’t ready for that. Indeed, Dan punches peter in the face.

Leah is in the kitchen of her place when sally enters. Sally thanks Leah for helping her through the whole Flynn thing recently. Leah then tries to hide her own pain (the whole peter/dan thing) but she breaks and tells sally what’s been going on.

Dan arrives at Amanda’s flat, he’s all angry, so Amanda suggests that Ryan should paly in his room. Dan then tells Leah how peter & Leah tries to makes him see reason etc.

Soon after, peter arrives at Amanda’s flat. He insists to Dan that he (Dan) shouldn’t blame Leah for any of this. Peter also tries to make Dan remember what was happing at the toe of the kiss (Dan’s gambling. The pregnancy etc)

Later, Dan goes to Leah’s place. Dan insists that he was surprised when Amanda cheated on him – as it’s her style, but he NEVER would have thought that Leah would have done the same. Leah tries to convince his that he’s blowing this all out of proportion, but Dan isn’t ready then listening.

Dan is about to bail, when Leah COLLAPSES !!!!! (end of ep)

AT the van park house, Alf give Ric a serve about the whole cheating fiasco, Hyde then arrives and sally & Co are hoping for a bit of good news (that Ric can perhaps go to the nearby Reefton lakes high).

On the back patio, Cassie ASOLUTELY majorly (verablly) lays into Ric about what’s happened.

Ric & casse go back inside, and although you con see (and know) that sally is disappointed, she doesn’t lay into him like the others.

Morag then arrives and tells alf that his courtcase has been bought fwd (because of cancellation) Alf is rather shocked, but Morag insists that they’ll be ready in time.

Morag is then told about what’s happened to Ric, and she insists that there must e a way of getting Ric into Reefton lakes high, so she and Hyde exit (to do just that).

When Morag & Hyde return, they indeed has the great news that sally & Co wanted to hear, ie that Ric can go to Reefton lakes as soon as he resits that test (that he cheated on).

Ric then throws EVERYONE a curveball – he insists that he doesn’t want to go back to school. He wants to go out and get a job. All, of course, are shocked !!!!

Later, Ric & Cassie have a MAJOR argument. Cassie is sick & tired of Ric not talking to her about anything – the cheating, his decision to leave school etc. Cassie is disturbed that she & Ric haven’t REALLY talked for ages !!!! (Note – I must admit, this was a great performance form Sharni Vinson).


Will Leah loose the baby? and Jonah insists, to Tash, that she DOESN”T want to know what the Believers are going to do to them.

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