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Fri 24 Feb 06 - " Different School, Same Result "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Different School, Same Result "

Sally is busy cleaning the table, when ric storms into room. Sally wonders why he is home early from school. Ric sys that he doesn't want to deal with this now, but then Dan enters and sally rally wants to know what happening,

Ric tells her that he can't deal with how the other kids are reacting around him. Sally insists that life has to go one etc, and she REALLY "brings things home" by telling ric that she expects him to act like Flynn's son !!!!!!!!!!!! so ric goes back to school.

At the diner, Leah & Alf are talking about how sally isn’t coping with things. Leah wants to go over and speak to sally but Alf suggests against it/ Leah insists that she gave birth to sally's child etc so she IS going over there.

When Leah arrives at the van park house, sally does try to apologies for doing for going off at Alf. Sally however still insists that she can manage things just fine by herself.

At school, ric is apologizing to Cassie & Dan for walking about like he did. Hyde then approaches and insists that he needs to talk to ric.

They go into a classroom. Where Hyde says that ric has once more been accused of cheating last layer. Hyde insists that he has multiple reasons why ric stands accused of buying of one of the stolen tests, esp. that ric went from failing that subject to scoring top marks in that test.

Ric realizes that he's on a hiding to nothing, so he confesses that he did but a copy of the test. Ric insists that he did it so he would get a good mark so that would be one less thing that Flynn has to worry about. Hyde insists that he'll try to keep that in consideration etc.

Soon after, Hyde returns to the room. He is surprised to see cassia is there but ric insists that she knows everything. Hyde says that he did all he could but it wasn't enough, esp. in light of ric having been expelled form yabby creek high ... and that ric has been EXPELED. Ric insists that she wants to be the one to tell sally.

At the van park house, sally is trying to do various things, and insists that she not need Leah’s need. Sally then slightly burns her hand, and she starts crying. Sally admits that she's trying to things on her own .... ands she feels that she's failing Flynn in some way.

At the diner, Leah, Irene & Alf talks about Leah’s visitor to sally's place. Irene & co insists that it was great that Leah was there for sally. Leah wishes that she could do more, and you can see that this was given Alf an idea.

At the van park house, sally is looking at some photos of her & fly etc when Alf arrives. When she sees alf sees walk over and hugs him.

Sally then tells Alf that she's tried to keep busy so she didn't have to deal with her emotions. Sally also says that she hasn't even touched the clothes in Flynn’s closet since his death.

Sally & Alf go upstairs, they begin to take the clothes form Flynn’s cupboards, and sally seems to hug most (if not all) of them as she & Alf removes the items one by one. We thankfully see some items that are V recognizable (like the collared, black, button up shirt with the white horizontal stripes).

Alf & sally hear voices downstairs ..... Ric & Hyde, so sally & Alf go downstairs.

ric insists to Hyde that he wants to tell sally what happeened .... and then ric tells her about the test.

At the diner, Leah is trying not to serve peter, but she has to. When she does, she accidentally knocks his folder onto the floor. Leah wonders if peters us stalking her. Peter insists that isn't the reason for the pics (which makes you wonders, given that Leah, from day 1, insisted that she's encountered peter before, what the pics ARE for - like, twisted tales styles, is Leah a drug runner etc incognito).

The argument continues until Dan approaches ... after he hears Leah telling peter "it will just ONE kiss" (end of ep)

At the diner, Leah is talking to Rachel. Leah wonders why Rachel is so stressed, but Rachel insists that she wants to be at the top of her game with Dr Helpman around.

Kimmy enters the diner, as Rachel is about to exit. She inists that she doesn’t have time to talk to kimmy.

Colleen, in a mostly yellow tracksuit, emerges from the kitchen area. She is eager form kimmy to get her & madge Wilkins into shoe fro an upcoming lawn bowls chship. Colleen, of course, looks a treat in that tracksuit.

Peter enters the diner, and Leah is trying to avoid him.

then outside when can hear that colleen is way in pain. She enters (assisted by kimmy) and insists that her pain (sore ankle) is all madge Wilkins' fault (same tracksuit etc)

At the hospital, helpman praises Rachel for really going with her instincts. Helpman insists that doctors as young (professionally speaking) don’t often have the courage to do so.

Kimmy & colleen enter the room and kimmy takes offence to helpman occasionally touching Rachel on the arm etc. indeed, you can see that Rachel’s not keen on the touching either, as when helpman exits the room, she totally DEATH STARES him.

A nurse approaches colleen, who give the impression that she's about to die at any second. Colleen then wonders why there aren't more nurses around (after the "BIG" financial contribution of colleen's play). The nurse insists that those funds went to equipment, not staff etc.

Kimmy approaches Rachel at the hospital and insists that what helpman is doing is wrong. Rachel says that she agrees kimmy, but when helpman approaches, Rachel says that there isn't a problem.

Soon after, colleen takes offence to the nurse saying that she'll have to be in wheelchair for a wile, whilst nearby, kimmy approaches Rachel. He is worried about the Dr Helpman situation. Rachel insists that Helpman's behavior was acceptable in his day etc and that she CAN deal with him. Depsite this, when Rachel walks away, you suspect that kimmy may speak to Helpman about his behavior.


The battle between Tash and The Believers continues, whilst Alf faces his day in court

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