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Wed 22 Feb 06 - " Great Ideas, BAD Results "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Great Ideas, BAD Results "

AT the hunter house, Robbie gets a text msg from Jane. He comments about it to kit. Robbie insists that he shouldn’t have kissed Jane etc. kit thinks that Robbie should move on from tash, but Robbie insists that things aren’t that easy.

Meanwhile, tash awakes in the shed at the farm. She naturally is V stressed; esp. when she’s sees that she’s been branded wit the # 21006. Jonah then enters the shed. Tash wants Jonah to help her …. and she makes particular references to the many bruises on his arms. Jonah insists that he can’t help tash … he then exits that shed.

At the hunter place, Robbie shocks Beth ^ co (on the middle of all this stuff with amanda etc) by exiting the house without telling them why.

Soon after, Robbie arrives at the farm. He goes in tasha’s tent and is surprised to see Jonah in there. When asked, Jonah says that tash is in the city with mumma rose …. But Jonah isn’t exactly saying ANYTHING with conviction.

At the shed, tash looks out the small gap in the door .. and she Robbie's car. She calls out to him as he approaches his car … but she doesn’t hear her.

At the diner, kit wonders where Robbie got to earlier. He tells her about how uneasy Jonah was etc.

In THAT shed, tash gets an idea. She sees a pair of glasses not unlike Robbie’s in the shed. She also gets a small piece of material, and she uses the sunlight that peering through holes in the roof. After the cloth starts to burn (combo of sunlight filtered through the glasses), she sets fire to a small bit of hay atop some crates. She begins to try to force to smoke quickly up through the holes in the roof, but the crates etc fall over and all that hay on the floor of the shed begins to burn. Tash cries out for help (end of ep)

AT the hunter place, Beth & co that battle plan for today’s court case. Robbie insists that they should use Amanda’s relationship with josh, or project 56, against Amanda, but moa rag insists that they didn’t have proof. Kit then bails form the place, insisting that she can found some proof.

Kit arrives at the council chambers, and wonderfully asks the person at the counter that she’d like to get a busker’s license. When the worker is getting the form, kit grabs those keys to the major’s office. She is about to unlock the door when josh approaches. He suggests that she should leave the premises, and whatever she’s done WILL be on the security tapes. As kit leaves of her own accord, you can see that she has a plan.

Soon after, kit returns to the hunter house … with a dick containing all the security cam footage of amanda/josh that they could ever need. Morag insist that she can’t use it, as its been gained by illegal means. Morag also ads that she and the judge who is proceeding over the case doesn’t have to best of histories.

When they all are at the courthouse, morag makes the accusation of the affair, and she is V apprehensious about using THAT security footage, citing that Amanda is at the council cambers with josh at all hours of the day (incl. 2am).

However Amanda’s’ lawyers asks where Morag got the photos … and she is forced to admit that the where illegally gained.

At the hunter place, Martha answers the phone. It’s a call from graham’s lawyer.

At the courtroom, it sound like toe judge is about to hand down a verdict in Amanda’s’ favor when jack & Martha rushed into that court … with a copy of the divorce papers. The judge says that she’ll need time to re-examine all the evidence.

Soon after, the judge returns to the courtroom, and Beth & co are SHOCKED when the judge rules in FAVOUR of Amanda (and her decision to keep graham alive. Amanda of course is shocked too, and we sees that occasional flash of THAT cheeky smile.

Soon after, at her flat, Amanda tells josh (whilst they are drinking champagne) that it’s a miracle that she won. Josh insists that there is no such thing ……. As he KNBOWS the judge has skeletons in her closet (so to speak) !!!!

AT the diner, Beth & co talks about the decision, and Beth is partic distraught that she isn’t fulfilling her father’s wishes to die with dignity (note – I wonder if Beth, kit etc will break the law and switch off the machines keeping graham alive)


Tash Vs The Believers, whilst Sally &Co try to cope with moving on with their lives

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (Feb 23) last year, the ep where KK left the Bay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screened in Australia

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