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Tues 21 Feb 06 - "Voice From ALMOST Beyond The Grave"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Voice From ALMOST Beyond The Grave "

Josh & Amanda are talking in the corridor of the hospital. Josh insists that Amanda MUST keep graham alive, although Amanda is sceptical about herself being able to do so. Josh also insists that he will find, and take care of the copies.

Indeed, he 1-st looks at Amanda’s flat, and is almost busted by Morag (who knocked on the floor and called out to graham).

Later, josh went to the hunter house, and even looked under the pot plants on the window sills outside the place, before he located the spare key. Josh then entered the house, and found the documents - in an envelope stuck to the fridge with a magnet.

Josh then text Amanda that good news ...... and she certainly needed some by this stage (see blow)

After her chat with josh in the corridor, Amanda enters graham’s room … and shocks Beth & tilly by insisting that she’d just not ready to let go of graham just yet.

When Amanda goes back into the corridor, she & Beth have a heated verbal duel about graham … Beth is partic incensed when Amanda suggest that she loves graham more than Beth does.

After Amanda goes back into graham’s room, tony suggests that Amanda’s feeling may actually be real. Even Beth has begun to think so, esp., because she thought that Amanda would want graham out if the way to go gold of his money.

Meanwhile, Morag enters to diner. She wonders if Alf has seen graham of late. jack & Martha RUSH in the eatery … and tell Alf & Morag what’s happened to graham.

Amanda is in graham’s room and she about to call/text josh, when Morag enters. Amanda insists that she hasn’t got the energy to deal with Morag at present. Morag insists that she get to the bottom of what’s happening with graham, Amanda & josh.

After Morag exits the room, Amanda gets THAT text message from josh (see above)

Kit, kimmy & Robbie arrive at the hospital, and there’s further clashes with Amanda. The doctor suggests that perhaps that Rachel could speak to Amanda about the situation … and as Rachel enters graham’s room to speak to Amanda, kit comments about the way that kimmy is looking at Rachel.

Meanwhile, in graham’s hospital room, Amanda is shocked when she sees like a ghostly reflection of graham in the glass of the door of the room.

When Rachel speaks to Amanda, Rachel insists that she knows that Amanda is in the honeymoon period with graham etc, but Amanda’s stance isn’t “broken” by Rachel’s words etc.

When Rachel has exited form the room, Amanda once again sees the ghostly image of graham, and the “ghost” sys that, despite everything that Amanda’s done, she can set things right again (by letting him die)

At this point Beth enters the room, and there’s another stoush between Amanda & the Hunters, incl. Amanda accusing kit of hitting the bottle again.

When Amanda exits the room, Robbie remembers the post nup. Beth & co tell the doctor that info but he insists that it isn’t enough reason for his to switch of graham’s life support etc (esp. with Amanda still fighting the decision).

Morag then gets a spring in her step. She exits the room … and as she does so, she suggests that that she may be able to use her legal contacts to find a way around Amanda’s insistence to keep graham alive.

Soon after, at the diner, kimmy talks to alf about what’s happened. Kimmy then talks to Rachel .. and thinks he picks up on some jealousy of Rachel’s part about his previous relationship with kit.

Back at the hospital, Morag shocks Amanda by saying that “we’ll see you in court” etc.

Soon after, Amanda is talking to josh at her flat. She once more sees a ghostly like reflection of Graham in her windows. Amanda doesn’t think that she can be through with this, but josh initis that Amanda has to absolutely give the performance of her life in court tomorrow (end of ep)


Over the next 2 eps, Tash will find about all the other horrid truths about The Believers.

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