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Seduction of Summer

Guest sevenpuddings

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Story Title: Seduction of Summer

Genre: Drama/Angst

Type of story: long fiction

Main Characters: Matilda, Lucas, Ric, Cassie

BTTB rating: A

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Sexual content (only a pinch at the end), alcohol, language.

Summary: It's summer in the bay, and for Matilda Hunter, the days seem to drag on forever, bordem reigning supreme. The close knit group are searching for something to happen, but when someone from their past returns, will they be left regretting?

Hey people,

I've written a Fan Fiction about Maddie and Lucas (with some Ric and Cassie) based in the summer of

next year (they are all about 17ish).

I'll warn you now that it's M rated, for some situations that Matilda is going to get herself into.

Give it a chance if your willing, Matilda's attitude will vary greatly to her's now on the show.

Critisisms are always welcome, I'm wanting to further my writing and these will help.

Heres the link.


but if I'm supposed to post directly on the site, I'll also be able to do that too. When I'm updating, I'll post in this topic. I may also start polls to get reader interaction going about a few ideas I have. Thats if anyone even likes the fic. Prologue is up now, even though it's not long, and Chapter One is coming very soon.

Thanks for your time.


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Me again

Two chapters posted because I've been doing nothing but writing, even on my work lunch break :D

Here's the link:


And Fletcher_Babe, its fine that you call me Jess, I should've introduced myself by now anyway.

I'm Jess, and I love the reviews you've given me, even if it is a handful, it means the world.

Enjoy the chapters, more shall be up soon


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Hello readers, it's Jess again.

Two more chapters added to my story. The first is a Ric/Cassie chapter for the Ric/Cassie fans, then we move back to the four perspectives. It's all explained in there though.

Thank you for the wonderful reviews, as always, they make me want to write more!!

Heres the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2809626/6/



P.S Any One Tree Hill fans out there? Did you hear what happened in the states? I know thats like, a topic for the off-topic thread, but it's got me in shock!

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Only me again :P

Added another two chapters because it's taken me soooo long to write them. Work is killing me, I swear! Making me work soooooo much and not giving me any time to write! :(

But heres the link


The whole morning after thing really reminded me of the new Veronica's song, "When it all falls apart", have you heard it? I there's a bit in it going,

"And did I mention,

I drank too much,

I'm so hung over,

Out of touch..." :rolleyes:

I'm trying to find a full version of the lyrics somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment.

Jen, I downloaded that song after you mentioned it, and was sooo amazed when it fitted that scene perfectly! I'm thinking about putting the Seduction of Summer Soundtrack (All the songs that I've used so far) up on my site and if I do, I'm including this in it as an honourary mention. You're brilliant for finding it.

As always, read and review please.


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