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Fri 17 Feb 06 - "She Breaks Just Like A Little Girl"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "She Breaks Just Like A Little Girl"

Graham re-enters that flat. Amanda wonders where he was. Graham says that he was outside enjoying a walk on this fine day. Amanda suggests that she thought graham was mad with her. Graham insists that why would he ever be angry with such a catch like Amanda. They decide to have a seafood feast for dinner. Graham tries to give Amanda some money, but she insists that she has her own. As soon as Amanda exits, graham starts looking for evidence of Project 56.

Graham stops searching when he hears that Amanda is approaching (after she went out of got the seafood). Amanda is quite shocked when graham suggests that they should invite josh to dinner. Graham then tells Amanda that he's going to go out and get some champagne for the occasion. When graham exits, Amanda rings josh. She insists that they have a problem.

Graham re-enters the diner and tells Morag theta he's not found anything yet about project 56. he also tells her about inviting josh. Morag thinks it’s a BAD idea, but she realises that graham is revelling in getting some revenge on Amanda for duping him etc.

When josh enters the flat, graham insists that he'll go to the kitchen and open the champagne. Whilst graham is in there, he overhears Amanda voicing her concerns to josh that graham could be onto them. Josh insists that graham is too dumb to suspect a thing (this brings a wry smile to graham's face).

While they’re are having dinner, graham really ramps things up - talking about Morag and her suspicions of project 56 and then she rather shocks/embarrasses Amanda and in some way josh by suggesting that a "catch" like josh is sure to have a girlfriend etc on the side.

Later, at the surf club, Amanda tells josh that she is even more suspicious of graham. Josh insists that graham can't see past Amanda’s short skirts.

Meanwhile, graham enters the mayor's office, and after a bit of searching, he finds the project 56 folders, complete with all the plan for the highway cutting a swathe through the "sleepy" town.

Later, when Amanda arrives home, she is shocked to see some divorce paperwork. Graham enters the room and says that he knows all about her withdrawing all the money, and about her & joshes AND project 56.

When she reveals that he has the project 56 folder, Amanda tries to take it form him. During o struggle, graham puts his hand on his chest. He is in pain. he collapses to the ground and insists that he is having hearty attack. Amanda initially begins to ring ambulance, but then realises if graham dies she’ll get all his money so, as soon as graham appears to be unconscious, she halts ringing the emergency services (end of ep)

AT the van park house, Pippa tells ric & Cassie, then sally (who's just entered the room) that she’s made some chocolate muffins. Sally insists that cassia etc shouldn't be moping about the house, as its not way Flynn would have wanted. When sally goes upstairs, pippa, Cassie & ric insist that Sally also isn't dealing with what’s happened.

Tilly & Luke arrive at the van park house, they are in the SBH uniforms and they give ric & Cassie some schoolwork info so they didn’t fall behind. Sally suggests that ric & Cassie should go back to school etc. Pippa then follows sally upstairs and suggests that sally should follow her own advice. Pippa insists that sally NEEDS to cry over this, but sally is adamant that she has.

Downstairs, Cassie comments to Tilly that ric (sitting with Luke on the couch) seems so detached since Flynn died. Luke then gets a text message asking he & Tilly to come home (see below) so they bail. As they exit, Alf enters. He talks to Pippa about how sally isn't dealing. When sally comes downstairs, Alf removes some videotapes for his bag. There are 4 of them - one each for Ric, Cassie, Sally and (little) Pippa. Alf says that Flynn made them a couple of months ago. Sally insists that ric & Cassie should watch their tapes, but she isn't keen to. Cassie is keen to view hers 1-st.

Soon after, we see Ric & co watching his tape, but when it’s done, sally still won't check hers out.

Later, Pippa is about to leave to catch her flight home. She says that she’ll, delay the flight - sally only has to say the word, but sally insists that she'll be ok. When Pippa is gone, sally picks up her tape, and watches it. Flynn tells sally that she is the perfect wife, mother and lover etc (all V emotional). Flynn also insists that one day sally will fall for someone and that someone will fall in love with sally. Flynn insists that he doesn't want sally to deny herself when that happiness. As she watches the message, tears well up in sally's eyes, and by the end of it, sally is TOTALLY balling her eyes out.

When Tilly & Luke arrive at the Holden place (following that text message - see above), they wonder what’s going on. Beth & Tony insist hat they are waiting for jack to arrive. Tilly & Luke note how giddy (for want of a better word) Tony & Beth are. When jack arrives, Beth & Tony say that since they have to sell etc their current places, the 2 families should move in together. Luke & Tilly love the idea, and jack comments that having those 2 under the one roof is going to be trouble.

Soon after, Beth & co are celebrating the move at Noah’s. The like of Hyde, colleen & Irene are there, and colleen says something like "in my day, moving in together out of wedlock was not the done thing" to which Irene replied "in your day, the earth was still cooling. Times have changed". Graham enters the room (and asks for a bottle of champagne), and Beth tells him the news. He’s happy for her but insists that he's got a prior arrangement (the dinner with josh and Amanda).


What plans do the believers have for the now tattooed (number 21006) Tash ...... one of them says that Tash IS going to give them her child !!!!

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