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Tues 8 Nov 05 - Episode # 4087

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Billy Jean - The Sequel"

Amanda & Graham are at the wharf fishing – both still can’t believe (in a good way) that they fallen for each other.

Meanwhile, hayley tells baby noah that his dad is big & strong and is a great swimmer etc. most of the time we just HEAR hayley as a voice over, as flynn & the nurse check their records etc. flynn discovers he can’t do as re-test of the DNA samples because hayley had signed them out.

Kimmy begins to move for the 1-st time since his operation. Seconds after, Flynn briefly enters the room – he wants to speak to hayley outside the room. When they are in the corridor, Flynn asks hayley bout the samples. She sys that she didn’t sign them out. When hayley wonders what’s happening, Flynn insists that he will get back to her.

When hayley goes back into the room, kimmy is enjoying holding his son.

Flynn, however, discovers who signed out the samples. He speaks to Bert - who says that it was the day after Dr free died etc. flynn insists that hayley has no knowledge of the signing out ting/. When pressured with the threat of loosing his job, Bert tells Flynn of how Amanda deceived him.

Flynn catches up with Amanda near the diner. He totally tells her off. Amanda (wonderfully as usual) says that hayley & Scot etc deserved to suffer like that (note – Amanda was great in the scene).

Amanda goes back to the wharf. She gets a text message – "have you got the money yet"? Amanda sys to herself "almost". When Graham arrives, Amanda is crying. She tells him – in that wonderfully simpering way that Amanda talks when she’s looking for symparthy etc that "everyone’s going to hate me, even you are going to hate me …. It’s about hayley’ baby.

Flynn enters Kimmy’s room. He tells Irene & Hyde that he’d like to speak to kimmy, Scott & hayley alone. When Irene & Hyde have left the room, Flynn tells hayley & Co that they’ve discovered that there was a mix up with the paternity results. Scott is the 1-st to realise what’s happened, then hayley, then kimmy, who is devastated. When Flynn leaves the room, hayley &Scott insists that kimmy can talk as much time as he needs with the baby. Kimmy insists t that Noah is not his son and that hayley &Scott can take him away. Kimmy insists that he want to be left alone. Scott & hayley are reluctant but Scott slowly takes the baby into his arms and they leave the room.

When they’re in the corridor, hayley tells Hyde & Irene what’s happened. Hyde wonders how kimmy is. Hayley suggests that kimmy could do with his dad right now.

When Hyde enters the room, he tries to console kimmy, but kimmy just wants to be left alone.

Irene is keen on an explanation, and Flynn tells her, hayley & Scott that the day before Dr Free told hayley &Co the paternity results there was a computer entry which changed the results. That entry was made by Zoe McCallister (aka Eve Jacobson). When Scott wonders why Zoe would do that, Irene insists that Zoe did it for the same reason she did everything – because she was loopy.

Flynn continues to explain what happened – with the DNA samples, and Scott is shocked to hear that Amanda has known the truth for about a month.

Amanda is sobbing near the Wharf when Scott charges towards her. He confronts Amanda – he can’t believe that she’d be this evil. Amanda insists that she was just hurting Scott like he hurt her. When Scott grabs Amanda, Graham charges to her rescue – and Scott can’t believe that Graham is taking her side in all of this.

Scott meets back up with hayley at the hospital – she’s REALLY concerned for kimmy.

This is still evident when Scott & hayley are at the hunter house. Scott is eagerly waiting for Beth & Co to come home, but you can see that hayley is wonderfully concerned for everyone involved (esp. kimmy).

Speaking of whom, at the hospital, flyyn tries to talk to kimmy but he (once more) insists on being left alone. When Flynn is gone, kimmy begins to REALLY cry (end of ep)


Graham insists that Amanda isn’t a gold digger

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