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Mon 7 Nov 05 - Episode # 4086

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Penultimate Paternitygate"

Hayley is frantic, as she can’t believe what’s happened. Scott, Hyde & Irene rush to the scene of Kimmy’s accident. They call an ambulance.

Seconds later, kimmy is being wheeled into the hospital the ambulance guys tell Flynn what Kimmy’s vital signs etc are. Flynn & Nurse Julie order a raft of tests, whilst hayley, Hyde, Scot & Irene wait for news.

Soon after, Flynn approaches Hyde & the others. Form the tests they’ve done, there’s seems to be no major injuries from what’s happened - and there’s no sign of brain injuries. When asked, Flynn can only speculate when kimmy will wake up - but he expects within the next 24 hours. Flynn says that they can go into Kimmy’s room - so hayley, Hyde & Co do.

After Hyde & Co have seen kimmy etc, hayley asks if she can be alone with kimmy. When the other leave, hayley (with baby Noah in her arms) tells kimmy that’s she’s V, V sorry for what’s happened - and wishes that she could take it all back. As hayley is about to leaving the room, baby Noah cries, and (shock, horror) kimmy awakes.

Hayley calls Flynn into the room. Flynn & the others are pleased that kimmy is awake.

Soon after, Scott & hayley are talking to kimmy. Hayley wants to head for home - as she been at the hospital for ages. Kimmy wants the baby to be with him, ie he doesn’t want hayley to take the bub home. This starts another scott/hayley/kimmy feud - during which kimmy tries to get out of bed. He then writhes in pain.

Flynn examines kimmy - the movement has caused a tear in his liver - kimmy needs emergency surgery.

Whilst that is happening, hyde angrily blames scott & hayley for being so selfish, ie if they didn’t want to go away, kimmy wouldn’t be in this position. This attack from Hyde prompts yet another hayley backflip - she tells Scott that she can’t go with him.

Soon after, Flynn tells hayley, Hyde etc that the operation was a total success - and that they can go in and see kimmy. Hayley gleefully (ironically) tells baby Noah that "daddy is going to be OK".

Meanwhile, nurrse Julie tells Flynn about something peculiar. She notes that kimmy has A type blood, and she KNOWS that hayley also has this blood type (form all the time that hayley has been in hospital). Flynn is shocked when she realise that because the baby has B type blood, kimmy can’t be the father !!!!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)

Leah is cleaning out the fridge when dan enters the room. He says that he’ll do the rest. Dan, once Leah is out of the room, answers his phone- it’s the bookie, who wants his money. Dan insists that he’s trying to arrange things.

When Leah returns, she notes the dan hadn’t got V far (with the fridge). Dan tells her that their mechanic rang - as dan had asked for a quote for some work that he wants down.

Leah then tells dan that some of her Greek relatives have sent they some money - form the way leah is sounding it’s a big Greek family tradition thing to do with children. Leah thinks the $750 they got will add nicely to the IVF fund - Leah also noted that they’d have to return the favour when these relatives have kids.

When Leah has bailed, dan looks at the statement for the IVD account - he can see that he’s thinking of using the cash to pay off some of his debts.

Soon after, dan gets a surprise - the bookie arrives at his house. The guy wants his money - and as prepared to stay at the house and explain all to the (clueless) Leah. Dan wants him to go - but then Leah returns. Dan insist that he will have the money tomorrow - so the guy begins to bail, but Dan has to explain to leah that this was about the mechanic thing he has talking about earlier.

When the gut is gone, Leah notes that dan is V stressed. Dan tells her what’s "really" going on - dan accidentally damaged the guy’s car when he has parking near the surf club. Dan insists that their car isn’t really affected but the other guy’s is. Leah is annoyed - she wants why dan is being so secretive esp. when they should be concentrating all their energies on being a V together, well informed family if they’re going to have a child together.

When Leah leaves the room - to clam herself down, he phones the bookie. Dan wants 1 more try to settle his debt - with a horse called "right as rain". The bookie readily accepts the bet.


Hayley & Co are told the shocking truth about the baby !!!!!

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