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Fri 4 Nov 05 - Episode # 4085

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Kimmy, How Dare You Destroy That Holden Windscreen !!!"

Hayley is trying all she can to keep the peace between the increasingly more aggressive kimmy & Scott. The 2 boys are about to come to blows when Hyde enters the room. He breaks them up - and, before bailing, kimmy insists that Hayley & Scott are NOT taking his son away.

Hyde goes after kimmy. When Hyde catches up with his son, Hyde suggests that kimmy is being too aggressive - and that peace talks the way to go here.

Meanwhile, Hayley is concerned about what’s happening. She shocks Scott when she says that she has changed her mind, i.e. Hayley isn’t going because this is causing to much instability and yeah, kimmy is the dad so he should be able to hang out with his kid etc.

Scott bails, and goes to the beach, where he finds kimmy. Scott tells kimmy that this has NTHING to do with the baby - and that kimmy just can't handle that hayley loves Scott. Kimmy takes offence to this - and well I guess you could call it a punch (I was expecting kimmy to girly-slap him). The punch, however, did give Scott a blood nose.

When Scott returns to the beach house, Hayley tens to his injuries, and Scott tell her what happened.

Kimmy then arrives back at the beach house. Hayley tells him that she had changed her mind, and was going to stay in the bay (so kimmy could be near his son) but the violence against Scott is totally wrong. Hayley insists that if kimmy punched Scott when he was angered, she can't takes that risk that he will do the same thing (given similar circumstances) to either Hayley or baby Noah. There is then an uneasy tension as they agree to a mediation session about all of this.

As they prepare to leave for the session, Hayley apologizes to kimmy for how all this has turned out. Kimmy however seems more interested in when Scott takes the baby to the car.

When they are about the mediation session, Hyde & Irene are taking car of baby Noah in the next room. The female mediator asks who wants to start things of. Hayley sys that she would like to speak. Hayley then delivers a V impassioned, moving speech (great performance by the truly wonderful Ella Scott Lynch) - the crux of which is that she believes that its in baby Noah’s best interests to be with her & her partner (Scott), esp. with all the opportunities that life in France could offer.

Kimmy has heard enough - and walks out of the meeting. Hayley (who is wearing a fantastic creamy-colored BT) goes after him. Kimmy "suggests" that Hayley should leave him alone. Then, infuriately, the front windscreen of a V nice Holden sedan is shattered - when a car plows into kimmy (who'd walked on the road). Hayley is distressed as kimmy just lies there on the road (end of ep)

Tash gets a text message form a guy called Jonah. He says that he is in town, and will meet Tash on the beach.

Robbie tells Tash that he has seen the real-estate agent and the guy suggested that they should rent that flat out whilst they are in the city. Tash disagrees - she thinks that they should make a clean break. She "suggests" that Robbie should tell that real estate guy that they want to sell.

Tash then tells Robbie that she is going to the beach house to visit Irene. When Robbie wants to join her, Tash suggests that she wants to do this alone.

Luke is in the beach with his windsurfer when he sees Tash hugging someone. Luke is intrigued

Later, Robbie arrived at Noah's. He’s worried about being able to sell that flat. Beth suggests that it would be a great place for graham. Robbie thanks Beth for this suggestion.

Robbie bails, and Tilly wonders why Luke was staring at him. Luke insists that it's probably nothing - but Tilly gets the truth out of Luke. Robbie then re-enters - he'd forgetten something - Tilly & Luke tell Robbie what Luke saw on the beach.

Robbie goes to the beach. He sees Tash there - and "bumps" into here. Tash says that she went to Irene’s and now she's taking some last look at the beach and other places that she'll miss in the bay.

Robbie tells Tash what Luke & Tilly told him. Tash then tells Robbie "the truth" - she met Jonah in the city - and he really likes her but she told him that she’s not interested. Tash insists that she came back to the bay early as a way to tell Jonah that she’s not interested. Tash insists that Johan meant nothing to her - it's just that didn't seem to be taking no for an answer. Tash tells Robbie that she fixed the problem now.


Will Kimmy live to see "his" child again ????

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