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Wed 2 Nov 05 - Episode # 4083

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " "Numbers Don't Matter To Me" "

Kimmy is rather shocked, and annoyed, when hayley, Irene & Scott arrive at the beach house with baby Noah. He can’t believe that they didn’t tell him - as it’s a V seminal moment in both Kimmy’s and the baby’s life.

When hayley & Scott are in Hayley’s bedroom, Scott tells hayley that he thinks that he should give kimmy some space, as kimmy gave him the "you’re trying to take over and I DON’T like it" look. Hayley insists that kimmy will have to accept what’s happened (note - if I cared about kimmy, I’d feel a little sorry for him, but I don’t care about him).

Kimmy meanwhile goes to Noah’s. It’s another dance club theme night. Kimmy meets up with Kylie (the woman from the nature resort). She can tell that he is down - and offers him a way of feeling better (ie she shows him some ecstasy tablets). Kimmy isn’t keen, as he wants to get back to his son.

When kimmy arrives back at the beach house, he holds baby Noah in his arms, and talks to the child.

Meanwhile, hayley awakes, and she is shocked that baby Noah isn’t beside the bed. She wakes Scott - she thinks that baby Noah was been adducted. They go into the lounge - and find the bub in the arms of the SLEEPING kimmy. Hayley wakes kimmy - and "suggests" that he shouldn’t have got into the position where he could have fallen asleep like that. When hayley says that that is one of the things that nurses etc at the hospital told her, kimmy responds by saying that he would have known if he was at the hospital before they bought they bub home.

Next day, Scott talks to Beth about the situation. He then gets a cal on his mobile. Soon after, he goes to the beach house. He tells hayley that an old mate is in charge of some marinas in France. Scott continues by saying that this mate has offered him what Scott calls his dream job. When hayley asks, scott says that he hasn’t accepted it yet - wanted to speak to her 1-st. scott then thinks that hayley is V clueless when she suggests that she & the bub will miss him when he goes away. Scott clears things up - by saying that there is NO WAY that he’d accept that job if she didn’t come with him. When scott wonders if she’ll join him, hayley smiles (note 1 - end of ep Note 2 - throughout this scene, Ella’s hayley was wearing a pink & blue large horizontal striped top, that Bec’s Hayley wore frequently, if my memory serves me correctly).

Graham backs away from Amanda’s kiss. He tells her that he wasn’t expected it - and Amanda responds by saying that she thought that he was giving out all the right signals. They now are both V uneasy - and go there separate ways.

Graham heads to Noah’s. Alf is surprised to see him there (because of the dance club night). Graham asks alf his opinion about a "friend" of his dating a younger woman. Alf suggests that this "friend" should go for it.

Next day, Graham & Amanda encounter each other at the surf club. When Graham says that he’s a little concerned about the age difference. Amanda insists that she doesn’t care about numbers (which is brilliantly ironic, ie. she, of course, DOES care about his money rather than his age). The pair go for a walk - and Graham tells Amanda that everyone else can be damned (ie he doesn’t car outside their opinion). Amanda & Graham then PASH !!!!!!!

Tony also goes to dance club night at Noah’s. He tells Beth that he’s a pretty good dancer - just not of the kind that these young ppl are into.

The next day, Beth & Tony meet at the diner. They joke about why he was at Noah’s last night, ie when Tony comments that he was there because of one f the bar staff, Beth comments that she didn’t realise that Tony thought about Alf that way. They also talked about those dance moves (which Tony didn’t perform last night). It’s clear that Tony & Beth are getting (emotionally) closer by the second.

It’s late at night and Leah is in bed. Dan tells her that he just can’t sleep. Dan then goes to the diner - and meets with the bookie from the races. Dan wants to place $5000 in a horse, but doesn’t have the cash. The bookie tells dan that he’ll cover him this one time. Colleen of course sees all of this. When the bookie exits, colleen approaches dan. Colleen realises that the other guy was the bookie. Dan tells colleen that the guy is also a concerned parent of one of kids at the primary school.

Next day, Amanda enters the diner. She "tells off" Leah about the whole custody business - and "accidentally" spills some orange juice on her.

When Amanda is gone, Leah tells colleen about what’s happened. Colleen insist that dan doesn’t need things like this happening - on top of his meeting with the other concerned parent last night.

Meanwhile, dan is at home. He turns on the radio - to listen to the race he has the bet on. He hears someone approaching - she e switches off the radio and hides it. Leah enters the room - she wonders about his meeting with the "concerned parent". Dan says that the bookie thought the he had overpaid dan for the win, and dan adds that concerned parent thing was just to keep colleen from being too nosy/annoying. When Leah exits (she was only there primarily to get some books), dan switches on the radio - it’s a close race between the horse he has bet on and another horse. However, there’s no joy this time - Dan’s horse comes 2-nd. He rings the bookie - who insists that he’ll only cover for dan one more time.


Tash has a surprise for Robbie, and Kimmy can’t believe it when he hears Scott & Hayley’s plans

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