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Tues 1 Nov 05 - Episode # 4082

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Double The Fear"

Jack wonders why Martha is so scared of Corey - given that he is VERY behind bars. Jack thinks that Martha should come face to face in prison (victim/perpetrator mediation etc) but Martha insists that it’s not for her. When jack "pushes" Martha, she truly reveals why the encounter with Corey has affected her. When she was much younger (I think 6 years old), Martha was at the movies with friends. After she waited forever to be picked up, she decided to walk home. On the way, a car came up beside her. The person in the car tries to drag her in the car, but the person desisted when another vehicle approached.

Despite her trauma, Martha agrees to jack’s suggestion to face Corey.

They go to the prison (looks like the same one Dani was in). Martha approached Corey out in the yard (with guards nearby). Martha can’t believe it when Corey asks for her assistance in ridding himself of the other jurors (when he gets out of prison soon).

Martha walks away - and when she gets to where jack is, she tells him that Corey is delusional to say the least. she also thanks jack for convincing her to do this.

When they arrive back a their car (outside the prison), both are shocked to discover that the gun that Martha illegally bought (which Martha put in the glove box) is no longer there.

Jack wants to report the gun missing immediately - but Martha pleads that he should give him some leeway, just like she did when she found out about his hearing trouble. Jack isn’t keen - but he agrees.

AT the diner, Dan is "going off" at Amanda, as Flynn & others prepare to search for Ryan. As they are about to exit, Ryan arrives at the diner. He tells dan & Co that he decided to walk to the diner - because he wasn’t picked up. Dan "suggests" that Ryan should approach a teacher and wait incised the shoal if this ever happens again.

Amanda isn’t pleased when dan was that Ryan is going to stay with he & Leah tonight - as the plan was for him to spend the night with Amanda.

When Leah & dan return home, dan tells Leah that he’s not going to let this happen again. Leah wonders how.

We cut the surf club, where Morag approaches the slightly drunk Amanda. Amanda is shocked when Morag shows her papers which say that dan is going for FULL custody of Ryan.

Amanda charges over to Leah’s place. She bangs on the back door - and when dan answers, Amanda angrily insists that dan is NOT taking Ryan from her. Amanda reminds dan about his less that stellar parenting history - and when Leah tries to calm them down (as she doesn’t want Ryan to hear all of this), Amanda accuses Leah of being the mastermind of all this (to compensate for the failure of 1-st IVF treatment).

Later, Morag talks to Leah & dan about what needs to occur. She informs them that this custody business is a rather costly affair etc.

When Morag is gone, Leah insist that although she was V keen to use Dan’s good fortune at the races on another IVF session, she KNOWS that ryan is their top priority.

When Leah is about of the room, dan phones the bookie he met at the races recently. They arrange a meeting.

Meanwhile, Amanda is drowning her sorrows at Noah’s when Graham enters. He approaches her - and is (once more) totally on her side about the whole custody thing.

They go walking on the pier. Amanda wonders why Graham likes her, and Graham asks the same of Amanda. They then kiss (end of ep)


Amanda continues her gold digging, and Scott tells Hayley of a job offer he’s received - from Cannes (France) !!!!

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