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Mon 31 Oct 05 - Episode # 4081

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Desperate Amanda"

Martha is petrified as the door opens. She fires the weapon. She is shocked that it is Ric's head that she has grazed with the bullet. Ric can't believe that Martha has a gun - and begs her to get rid of it. He is also shocked that she acquired it illegally.

Soon after, Morag arrives home. Her meeting with Alf (fraud case) was postponed, but Alf is still in the city.

When Morag goes to bed, ric further urges Martha to rid herself of the gun. Martha insists that she needs it for protection etc. they do this as they try to fix the hole in the wall caused by the gunshot.

Next day, ric approaches jack at Noah’s. Ric ask jack a series of questions about the laws regarding gun licenses. Ric says that it's for school, but jack isn't exactly convinced.

When Alf returns to the diner flat, he comments on the picture that Martha has replaced the one she shot. Martha insists that the place needed a change.

Later, jack arrives at the diner flat. He’s V suspicious of Ric’s queries earlier, but Martha denies that they had anything to do with her.

Soon after, Martha meets with the guy who acquired the gun for her. She wants a refund - but the guy says no. Martha offers to just give him the gun - but he refuses to take it.

All of this is under the watchful eye of the nearby Jack - who radios to base with the license plate of the guy's car.

Soon after, jack goes to the diner flat. Martha still tries to deny that she has a gun, but jack tells her that the guy she was talking to is well known to the police for that sort of thing.

Jack is about to leave the flat - when he steps on a "spent" bullet that Martha fired. Jack is sooooo NOT pleased with Martha.

Leah & Dan are preparing to go to bed. As they do, Leah is still quite annoyed about Dan’s BIG gamble. However, Dan seems to talk her around - and by the time that they are in bed, Leah is V excited about being able to afford another thing of IVF.

Next day, Leah & Dan excitedly (at the diner) tell the likes of sally, Flynn & colleen that they've got another IVF appointment today. This joy is shattered when someone arrives with an injury (see below)

Amanda arrives at Noah’s. She is annoyed that Dan feels the need to remind her about picking up Ryan from school tomorrow. Amanda then approaches Graham - and they have a nice little chat (mostly about them both being outsiders in the bay). Graham, however, seems to take offence when Amanda get a little too forward (when she puts her hand on her leg), he tells her that it's time for home to go home for the night.

Next morning, Amanda is working out at the gym when Morag approaches. Morag assures Amanda that she WILL discover that link between Amanda & josh etc.

Soon after, at the diner, colleen is taking to graham about something disturbing she has read in the newspaper. A nefarious person has been lurching around outside the primary school in the afternoon.

Amanda enters the diner, and she is keen to speak to graham, but he suggests that he is V busy at the moment. As Amanda walks away, she overhears graham talking to colleen about nearby bush walking tracks.

A little later, we see graham walking in the bush. Amanda is following him at a safe distance. Graham hears someone calling out for help. he finds Amanda nearby. She has "hurt her ankle". Graham offers to assist her.

Meanwhile, school’s out - and Ryan waits and waits for Amanda outside the school.

Soon after, graham & the hobbling Amanda enter the diner. Dan is shocked when he discovers that Amanda was bush walking.

Dan immediately drives to the school. There’s no sign of Ryan - and the school is all locked up.

Just after Dan gets off the phone to Leah, colleen is V worried - she starts telling Leah about the newspaper article (end of ep)


Both Ryan AND Martha's gun are missing !!!

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