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Wed 15 Feb 06 - "The Truth Is Not So Out There"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " The Truth Is Not So Out There "

author note - interestingly, Flynn is still on the credits. i wonder who they'll pair sally up with when they change.

Leah & Dan are in the kitchen of the place,and they really playful and loving with each bother, before Dan bails for work.

later, Leah & Dan have a picnic on the beach and Leah can sense that she is being watched ... which she is, by peter who is standing on the glassed area beyond the beach.

when peer enters the diner a bit later. Leah confronts him. they argue about the kiss. when per had bailed, Irene enters the kitchen. she can't believe that Leah has done this. Leah pleads with Irene not to talk to Dan about this. Irene insists that she doesn't want to be caught up in this mess further.

peter walks onto he beach. he is on the phone and he tells whoever he's speaking to that Leah, Dan & even his police work colleagues have NO idea why he's in the bay.

at the diner, Robbie is totally down i the dumps at Tasha. Kimmy enters soon after,. and Martha notes that Kimmy's face is as gloomy as Robbie's. Martha suggests hat hey could perhaps all go camping.

Rachel arrives in the kitchen at Leah's place just as Dan was bailing. Rachel comments on how happy Leah is, and Leah in turn teases Rachel about her kiss etc with Kimmy.

when Rachel;l arrives at work, she asks that head nurse if Dr Helpman has arrived. The man in question answers that he most definitely has. Helpman tells Rachel that if she's nothing like her father, hen she's definitely a great Doctor. Rachel then flatters her new boss buy suggesting that he was her medical "pin up boy" when she a uni etc.

Rachel isn't fazed when he asks to suit in one all her appointments today, and after one of them, Rachel is a little unsure if she didn't push a partoc angle too hard with a patient but Helpman insists that Rachel handles everything V well. (note - i remember reading recently hat Helpman takes a non professional interest in Rachel as well)

Tasha heeded what Martha suggested and enters mumma Rose's tent. she sees that shrine and is shocked. when she goes out of the tenet she overhears Jonah & mumma rose talking about getting everything prepared for the ceremony.

ash tries to grab her mobile but the voices get closer so Tasha rushes out of the tent. when Jonah sees her , ash insists that she thought she saw someone unknown (ie not a believer) a the farm. Jonah says that they'll all be extra vigilant.

Tasha emerges for her tent. she looks V stressed (naturally) and is spooked when one of the female believers approaches. her. Tasha however agrees to help the person with setting up for tonight.

Tasha begins walking away for the farm when Jonah sees her. Tasha insist that she has something important to do in the bay, but Jonah insists that nothing is more important to he believers that the party tonight, so Tasha agreed to help out.

Tasha after some further setbacks0 re-enters mumma Rose's tenet, and grabs the mobile. she however knock over the unlit candle near the the phone. Tasha goes In her tent and is about to use the phone when she can hear Jonah approach. she pus the phone under her pillow, and is concerned when Jonah lies on her bedding but he doesn't thankfully find it. hen Jonah exits the tent, Tasha tries to text a message for help, but the phone "dies" before she can hit send.

son after, ash suggest o Jonah that she isn't felling the best. he gives her shoulder massage and although she says that he;s working wonders, Tasha is clearly lying tough her teeth.

Tasha is helping Guy with the ceremony when she overhears mumma rose & Jonah talking about Rebbecca. Tasha then goes into he bush and begins to look or rebecca (based on what Jonah had said). ash calls out, and the nearby rebecxcaq responds. Rebecca is chained to a tree,and Tasha grabs a nearby big rock and tries to smash the lock.

however, mumma rose & Jonah approach. mumma rose insists that Jonah should restrain Tasha. he initially ignores mumma rose, Jonah acts after mumma rose insets that he obeys her. Jonah grabs Tasha and hauls her away.(end of ep)


Tasha is trapped at the fame when a fire break out, and will graham end things with Amanda when he sees LOTS of BIG dollar withdrawals on his bank statements.

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