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Thurs 15th Feb 07: - "The Odd Couple"

Guest JosieTash

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Home and Away : Episode 3830 - The Odd Couple

AT diner, Dan tells Leah that he has to tell her something.

Leah gets a little worried when Dan keeps on delaying telling her whatever this thing is - and things get worse when Alf interrupts and talks seemingly forever to Dan about this kiosk business.

Leah finally stands her ground and tells Alf that she & Dan were in the middle of something - but soon after, there's a loud clashing sound from the kitchen, so Leah goes to help Irene.

When she returns to Dan' side, he tells her that he has a wife & a son (ironically, or otherwise, named Ryan, i.e. 1-st name of actor who played Vinnie).

Dan continues by saying that his wife & son are in LA as she is an actress called Amanda Vale - and they met when both were at university in Oz.

Dan then tells Leah that he & Amanda aren't divorced, because there's been no reason to before now.

Soon after, Leah goes to gym and asks Hailey if she'll ask nick about this Amanda vale (since nick & Amanda are both aussie actors in US). Kimmy overhears the conversation and tells Leah that Amanda has been in a few "dud" film (Leah looks pleased) and then kimmy says that Dan’s wife is DDG (Leah not so pleased.)

Later at diner, kimmy hands Leah a magazine. He says that hes' marked the page with the pic of Amanda vale. Leah says she's too busy to look at it now, but as soon as kimmy is in the kitchen Leah locks at the pic of the longhaired, rather beautiful brunette actress.

It’s late at night at the beach house, and both Kristy & Irene can't sleep. For Kristy, it's because of her exams etc, and Irene says that she has too get used to doing all this shift work again.

Kirsty then returns to he bedroom. She hops into bed and is REAL keen on getting physical with Kane, but he says that he thinks he's coming down with something. Kane adds that he's going to see Flynn about it tomorrow. Kristy looks rather concerned about all this, and the next day, we see her near the beach, deep in the thought - most likely about that fact that she thinks Kane has gone off her because she's been neglecting him of late because of her studies.

Kane goes to Flynn’s surgery - and asks Flynn if he could just happen to mention in passing (to Kristy) that Kane has been to see him and that he’ll been fine soon. Flynn is NOT keen on this idea - or Kane going it alone through what could be a VERY tough time.

When Kane leaves the surgery, he speaks to colleen. Kane asks her, if she has time, to meet his at the wharf.

Later, colleen arrives at the blaxland and Kane tells her that he most likely has cancer. When colleen asks, Kane points to where he's affected - and colleen has that she won't be much help to him in where of where it has affected him.

Colleen then begins to talk about her cancer experience, and at the start it all sounds VERY negative, i.e. chemo will make you feel like you want to die etc, but then colleen turned all that into a positive, i.e. "if an old duck like me can beat this cancer thing, then a strong young man like you DEFINITELY should.

AS colleen is leaving the wharf, she further assists Kane, by telling the approaching Kristy that she was at the blaxland because she was making a booking for some bowls club function.

At sally's place, Kristy is WAY distracted form her studies because of how Kane has been acting lately. Sally tries to assure her that all married couples go through indifferent patches, and when Flynn enters the house (from surgery) he hears Kristy talking like this so he tells here that Kane’s been to see him today - and that Kane needs some rest because he's picked up a bit of a "bug".

When Kristy is gone for the day, sally tells Flynn that she's glad that's tutoring Kristy - as baby talk etc (during her maternity leave) isn't all that stimulating.

Flynn then asks sally what chances Kristy has of passing, and she says that Kristy might, if she works hard. Flynn then says that if Kristy is so borderline like this, perhaps she should be putting her focus elsewhere.

When sally enquires, Flynn says that he can't reveal anything really (patient confidentiality) but he can says that things are NOT looking all that good for Kane.

At the beach house, Kane, Kristy & Irene separately arrive all but at the same time. Kristy spots a BIG bunch of red roses on the living room table, and reads the equally sweet card.

Kirsty then hugs and kisses Kane several times - and she REALLY looks MASSIVELY happy. When kirsty is out of audio range, Kane insists to Irene that he didn't send the flowers. Irene responds by saying that Kane should REALLY thank who did - because she hasn't seen kirsty this happy is AGES (note - I could be wrong, but the rose thing has colleen’s handiwork written all over it - so to speak).


Tasha & Robbie are shocked when josie buys the van park for tash, the hunt for the kiosk arsonist continues, and Kane’s test results confirm that he has cancer !!!!!

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