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Tues 14 Feb 06 - "Not Just Rituals”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Not Just Rituals”

The ep begins with sally get8ing prepared in the bedroom for the funeral, and continues with images of the likes of dan, leah, alf, colleen, Ric & Cassie getting prepared to leave for the funeral and we hear a voiceover of flyyn all the while. He movingly says that life, happiness, security isn’t measured by career satifaction or paying off the mortgage, but through the love of Sally, his family & friends etc.

Outside the church, the are touches of other current storylines – kimmy & Rachel avoided echo other, same thing with leah/peter, and Robbie is intrigued when Jonahs & Tash arrive.

Alos, alf arrives and greets Flynn’s father & sister, before sally, little pippa, Cassie & Ric arrive. Sally looks partic distressed, but things are a little better when she is greeted by (her adopted mum) pippa.

The screen temporarily fades to black (and this happens for most changes of scene in this ep)

Inside the church, we see a close up of a photo of Flynn and family atop the coffin, before the camera pans back to see that assembled mourners in the church.

Alf approaches the dais and speaks of who community minded etc that Flynn is etc.

Dan is at the dais next. He talks of how committed that Flynn is, like to his run every morning, and when he worked extremely hard to get through med school to become a doctor.

Cassie is the next to speak. She is very emotional but Sharni Vinson’ performance is more truthful (not overacted). She recites a V emotional poem that begins with “do need stand at my grave and weep. I am not there I do not sleep” the poem continues with all these beautiful images of how you can see flyyn in the various beauty of nature etc. Cassie is so overcome that she breaks down and can’t continue so colleen approaches the dais and finishes of the last quarter of the poem incl. the final few lines “do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there, I did not die”.

Outside the church, we see pallbearers alf, peter, dan, Hyde, Ric carrying the coffin o the hearse, with sally & Cassie exiting the church soon after.

At the wake, sally is soooooo not dealing with her grief, whilst Leah doesn’t want to deal with peter here. Kimmy approaches Rachel but she insists that things are way over. After Jonah & Tash enter. Martha (naturally) verbally attacks Tash, but later, she is more subtle, and merely suggests that Tash should check over Mumma Ross’s tent. If there’s noting to hide in there, Tash was lost nothing by investigating etc.

Also, Tilly & Luke go over to Ric & Cassie and hand them the best pieces of cake. Luke insists that Ric & Cassie will need to keep their strength up, to be there for sally through these hard times.

Speaking of sally, pippa suggests that she should be grieving. Sally insist that she has done all her crying because she know that this day has been coming for ages etc, but when sally open one of the drawers in the kitchen, she almost looses in when she finds one of Flynn’s stethoscopes in there.

After all the guests have gone, sally is in her room. Alf approaches and sally is underwhelemed by what’s occurred today. She says that there should be a bigger, more special farewell for Flynn.

Its after dusk, and sally is standing at the water’s edge on the beach, with the likes of Ric, pippa. Alf, Cassie etc are at little way behind her. She walks a little way into the water, and tips Flynn’s ashes into the sea. When she returns to where she previously was (very edge of water), sally is astonished when she looks to her right.

Leah, dan & ppl as far as the eye can see are al; holding candles (thinks Caroles by candlelight etc). It’s an awesome image. Sally smiles at alf and he nods at her (knowing that she really appreciates what he’s done).

After the final ad break, we hear another Flynn voiceover. He talks about talking risks, even though the result could be bad. Flynn insists that risk for loves should always be taken etc

And during the voice over, on screen we see the like of Tash at the farm (thinking about what Martha said), kimmy & Rachel (separately thinking of their situation, peter at the diner looking at pics of leah etc. and end with sally on her bed looking at the framed pics of her & flynn by the bedside.


Irene finds out about the peter/leah kiss, and Tash discovers the shrine.

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (Feb 15) in 2002, the ep where Gypsy & Will got "married" and left the Bay - with bub Lily was screened in Australia

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