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Thurs 9 Feb 06-"The Belle Of The Bedroom … and Kimmy's Sickly

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"The Belle Of The Bedroom … and Kimmy's Sickly Serenade"

AT Noah’s, dan &^ kimmy are talking. When the subject of Rachel comes up, kimmy insists that this doctor/patent rule is silly. Dan thinks that the rule is there for a reason but he suggests that both kimmy & Rachel are adults etc. Kimmy decides to persue Rachel.

Next morning, dan exits Leah’s house. Rachel ignores it when he says goodbye. When Leah questions Rachel, she says that her mind is on the kimmy dilemma.

Irene has prepared a hamper for kimmy at the diner. She is annoyed that he won’t reveal whom it’s for.

Kimmy arrives at Leah’s place. Kimmy likes that Rachel (n her days off) is dressing only in a bath robe as it looks as though she has just got herself out of the shower). Despite the look of joy on her fave, Rachel insists that she & Kim CAN”T get together.

At the diner, kimmy asks colleen for a word that rhymes with destiny. When colleen enquires kimmy says that he is writing a poem etc.

Rachel is doung some exercises whilst she is viewing an exercise video_ when she hears some intriguing music. She mutes the TV and still hears the music.

She goes to the kitchen window, where she sees & hears a rather tragic, soppy serenade form kimmy. Rachel insists that nothing can happen, but she does so with a beaming smile of her face, and she accepts that rose that kimmy gives her. (Note – I rem that, at this time last year, hayley also suffer brain damage, i.e. she wanted to got out with kimmy too)

Irene enters kitchen at the diner, and is about to speak to Leah when colleen enters. She says that she can’t believer that he’s back. When colleen finally says who HE is, Leah is shocked that peter is back in town,

She goes to the police station, and wonders why peter is back. He insists that he’s been transferred back here, and that its got nothing to do with his feeling for her etc. peter insists that he was waiting for the right moment to tell her.

Dan arrives at police station just a peter was about to look at a big file. Pete insists that he’ll worry about his living arrangements once he settkes back in to the job today. Peter agrees to go out for coffee when dan suggests it.

In the kitchen of the diner, Leah tells sally that something really fishy is going on with peter. Leah can just sense it.

Meanwhile, peters enters his office oat the police station, and opens THAT folder, which contains lots of BIG glossy pics of Leah.

At the van park house, sally & Flynn talks about how great last night was for Beth. Sally suggests that they should take things a little more low key for Ric’s birthday in a few weeks tie. Sally then realizes what she’s said, but Flynn insists that he WILL be still around for Ric’s birthday. However, when sally leaves that room, flyyn appears to be V ill again. He coughs into a hanky (although e don’t see the result, I’m guess that he coughs up blood.

Alf arrives at the van park house. Sally tells him about what she said to flyyn about Ric’ birthday. Sally chastises herself for doing so, alf insists that Flynn won’t hold ity against her etc.

As they are talking, sally is about to put on a load of washing when she discovers a handkerchief with BLOOD on it. Sally is distressed.

AT Beth’s party, Luke is trying o show colleen how o hit the perfect shot at pool, but colleen insists that’s she’s been playing billiards forever. Naturally, colleen messes up the shot.

Next morning, Ric meets up with belle at the small boats that are near the diner. Belle is intrigued that Ric was bought her packet of chocolate biscuits to eat. Ric insists that he couldn’t nab much else. Belle thanks Ric and tenderly touches him. Ric insists that she can’t do that as her has a g/f (cassie). Btw, belle reminds me of a slightly younger Brooke Harmon (Kate on headland)

At the diner, Ric orders 2 burgers to go and Cassie comments to tile & Luke that Ric is a guts as e ate a whole packet of biscuits. Ric insists that he have to bail.

When he goes outsides, he encounters belle. he gives her the burgers. He notices that she has an abrasion on her arm. Belle says that she had to escape for someone who took offence at her hiding spots. Ric suggests that belle should sleep etc in his room, if she’s V quiet etc.

Ric talks belle to the van park house, and since no one is home they go upstairs to Ric’s room. Belle comments on Ric being a boxer shorts man. She then thanks him and sit on his bed. When Ric is close enough, she touches him again. Ric takes offence to this. Cassie calls out to Ric. After belle hides, Cassie enters the room. Ric insists that he was talking on the phone to Wazza. When Cassie exits the room, Ric shuts the door, and both Ric & Cassie wait at the door for a bit before continuing.

Ric then tells belle to keep her hand to herself, but the look of belle’s face indicates that she’s talking Ric’s words with a grain of salt. (end of ep)


Sally get the horrible news that Flynn only has a few hours to live.

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