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Are Things Meant To Be?

Guest Amanda

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This story is based when Martha had broken up with Cory after the whole Irene incident. It is my first fan fict so I won’t be offended on what you have to say. :):P

Martha has agreed to meet jack in the diner, Martha was happy that she was friends with jack and he has helped her through and get over Cory but what jack didn’t know is that Martha never liked Cory she was just going out with him to make jack jealous.

Jack walked into the diner and greeted Martha; he sat down and ordered two coffees “So how are you” jack asked. “I’m fine thanks Martha smiled” Jack looked at Martha and wished that he didn’t let her go that easily and wished he still had a chance with her.

Jack’s phone rang “hello constable jack Holden…oh ok thanks”, “who was that Martha asked?” oh just the sarge he wants me down at the office “sounds important Martha mumbled” “well I will talk to you later Martha” he walked out.

Later jack had then arrived at the police station and stormed in “what do you mean Cory has escaped?!” the sarge looked at him “Stay calm we are doing the best we can, all we found was this note” jack opened the note and read it “I will be back”. Jack was disgusted, hundreds of thoughts went through his head “Martha….we had just gotten so great and now this how am I going to break this to her?” “Well I recommend you tell her she has a right to know” said sarge and “with him on the loose anything could happen” ok jack said “I will go tell Martha now” Jack walked out the office.

He drove to Martha’s house and knocked on the door “Coming” said Martha she opened the door “Oh hi jack!” jack sighed and walked in “what’s the problem” asked Martha? “Look Martha there’s something I need to tell you”…

Next time:

How will Martha take the news?

Where Is Corey and who is his next victim?

Is there even a chance for Martha and jacks relationship?

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“What is it” asked Martha nervously jack walked in and sat down its “Corey” jack said but before jack could finish his sentence Martha interrupted “what do you mean about Corey?!” well jack continued “he has escaped” Martha sat there her face as white as a ghost Martha began to cry, jack walked over to her and comforted her tears ran down Martha’s face “don’t worry” jack said I wont let anything happen to you. “Yes I know, but when he find’s out were together….” Jack looked at Martha who was bright red of embarrassment he then lent over and placed a passionate kiss on Martha’s lips but they were interrupted by a knocking, “Yoo-hoo only me” a voice said Martha opened the door and colleen walked in “Hi colleen” jack said. “Hello”, I won’t be here long just picking up some letters ‘lancey said that he has sent them to wrong address gosh that boy” Irene then walked up the stairs to see colleen rabbi ting on “Colleen!” Irene snapped “you’re needed in the diner NOW” colleen walked down the stairs to the diner.

“Well” said jack I have to get to work on this Corey business” “Ok” said Martha jack kissed her goodbye and walked into the station. “Oh good you’re here” replied the chief. “A local has spotted Corey on the beach but the time we got there he was gone so I have a feeling he is in summer bay”. Jack nodded “ok he said blankly.

“So here I am back in the bay” said Corey he was sat in the bushes reading his book he placed a circle around Martha Mackenzie and Jack Holden. “They have gotten away for it last time but not this time”, as Corey smiled evilly. He then saw Martha walking down the stairs from her apartment he hid so she wouldn’t be able to see him he had followed her keeping a distant behind and not getting to close he had kept this up for a couple of hours and knew when she had started and finished her shifts at the surf club.

It was a cold night and Jack was just doing paper work at his desk when he heard a glass break he ran from his office into the hall where he saw a note he picked it up and it read “Martha’s next not much you can do”

Meanwhile Martha was walking out of the surf club on her way home it had been a long day for Martha and all she wanted to do was go home and go to bed. She then was grabbed and a hand was around her mouth she was trying her best to scream but she was dragged up onto a cliff and tied in a chair. “Don’t move” said a voice as he looked down and saw the crashing waves.

Jack ran out of his office and headed towards the surf club he ran in “Hey where’s Martha?!” “oh she just left she was tired so I let her go home” Alf said. “Why what’s the hurry” jack ran out of the surf club looking for Martha..

Next time:

Will jack find Martha in time?

What will Corey do to Martha?

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