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Thurs 2 Feb 06 - " Beauty AND Brains"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Beauty AND Brains"

At the council cambers, Amanda tries to tell Robbie "its not what you think" but Robbie us disgusted with Amanda and vows to tell Graham/.

Robbie goes to the surf club. He’s just about to tell Beth when Amanda enters. Beth takes offence to Amanda interrupting her conversation with Robbie. However, Robbie does agree to speak with Amanda in private.

They go into the gym, and Amanda puts on THAT simpering voice and says that josh "jumped" her …. And josh, who must have heard some of Amanda’s story, enters the gym and completely agrees with everything she said. It’s clear that Robbie isn’t exactly buying their story.

When Amanda & josh are exiting the diner, he suggests that she should go straight home and pamper Graham etc so there’s NO WAY that he’ll believe Robbie.

Amanda goes to the flat, and turns on her charm. When Robbie arrives, Graham’s feet are in a footspa, and Graham suggests that Robbie shouldn’t even try to suggest anything bad about Amanda to him.

The phone rings, and Graham answers it in another room. Robbie tells Amanda that he thinks that she is with Graham because of his money. Amanda responds by saying the, if it will prove to Robbie & Co that she’s not a gold digger, then she will sign a post nuptial agreement which will prevent Amanda form getting her hands on Graham’s money.

When Graham returns to the room (wondering why someone from the surf club would ask him to join), Amanda suggests that she wants to get a post nup agreement. Graham sys that he KNOWS that she’s not after his money but Amanda insist theta she wants to bring the family back together (TOTALL CLASSIC) and if signing a post nup is what she has to do, then she will.

When Amanda tells josh that (in his car), josh is rather annoyed. Amanda then explains that she’ll have to fine print say that the agreement begins in 3 months … and she’ll bleed him dry in the mean time. Josh LOVES Amanda’s plan.

Soon after, at the surf club, Robbie encounters josh. Both agree to put the josh/Amanda incident behind them, and josh then ask Robbie to deliver a brown envelope to the address of that envelope (note – this is the envelope that the preview suggested was a bribe)

At the diner, Martha & jack are arguing, as Martha wants to go to the commune. Jack thinks that it’s a waste of time, but Martha insists that she just wants to talks to Tash, and Irene says that she’d like go to commune with Martha.

When Irene &Marta arrives at the commune, they insist that they are just here to talk to Tasha etc.

After they’ve both been there for a while, Irene seems happy that Jonah & the believers seem to be taking good care of Tash etc, whilst Martha asks Guy (one of the other believers) and Jonah about the shrine that Robbie supposed saw.

AT Noah’s, Guy (one of the believers who, with Jonah, showed Martha & Irene around the commune) shows Beth some of the fresh vegetables etc that the commune grows. As soon as Beth hears that Guy is from the commune, she decides against doing business with him.

Martha then approaches Guy. She says that she’ had a change of heart about the believers. Jack enters the room, and he & Martha have a verbal stoush not unlike the Robbie/Tasha ones of late. Martha insists that she is going to commune with Guy.

When Martha arrives at the commune, Tash suggests that she should attend a party at the farm tonight. But Jonah is V subdued about this idea.

Moments later, jack enters the tent that Martha & Tash are in. jack is yelling at Martha … insisting that she has been brainwashed etc. Jonah & guy arrive and "suggest" that jack should leave.

Soon after, Martha suggests to Tash that she want to stay the night at the commune. When Jonah hears this, his facial expression suggests that he’s not overly keen on the idea.

That night, Tash & Martha are talking in a tent. When Tash exits the tent, Martha grabs her mobile … and rings Jack. Martha sys that the believers don’t suspect a thing, ie that she’s there undercover … to bust open their operation (Note 1 - end of ep. Note 2 – I knew that Maratha was going undercover, but I didn’t think that Jack was involved …. Although I probably should have)


A distressed Martha tells everyone about hearing someone inside a secret hatch near the commune, and we also saw a glimpse of Ric chasing Belle

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