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Fri 27 Jan 06 - "Nature Girl Tilly ... And .... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"Nature Girl Tilly ...... And The Belle Of The Bush"

Dan can't believe that Leah hasn't told him that she is preggers. Leah says that she was waiting for tyhe right moment. Dan thinks that they should get back together ... for the child ... but Leah thinks that that work work.

when Rachel arrives home, she rambling on about Kimmy (see below) when she realises that Leah is crying (over the Dan thing). Rachel tries her best to talks to Leah about the situation.

Leah then went to the van park house. she was talking to sally, who was talking about Flynn and toddler Pippa. when sally wonders how they'll explain to toddler Pippa that Flynn is gone (after he dies). you could see that this affected Leah .... so she phones Dan and asks him to meet her at the diner.

when they both arrive there, Leah says that she thinks that they should perhaps at least try to work things out .... for the child (because of what sally said).

soon after, Leah is at home when there is knock on back door. she sees that it's superintendant Murphy from the city. she immediately ATTACKS (verbally) because he stole Claire off peter, but Murphy sets Leah straight. he has no idea WHAT Leah is talking about, and it sounds like peter went AWOL from his job in the city.

when peter gets home, Leah begins the verbal attack ..... and peter admits that the whole Claire relationship was a bit of rebound ........ and peter admits that he's still madly in love with Leah. seconds later, Dan enters the house (with his bags etc) and Leah tells peter that she & damn are going to give their relationship another try ......... (end of ep)

AT Noah's, Kimmy tells Irene * Kimmy that Rachel seems to have really helped him even with his 1-st counselling session. Irene & Hyde then bail ... but encounters Rachel when she is entering Noah's. they comment that Rachel has been great for Kimmy. Rachel then sees Kimmy ..... and Kimmy introduces Rachel to Alf, and vice versa. Kimmy then asks Rahel a fair few questions .. before Rachel beside to bail.

when Rahel arrives home, and initially doesn't pay attention to Leah's tears (see above), they talks about Rahel & Kimmy. Rahel says that she knows that she does feel something for Kimmy, BUT he's 8 years younger ... and her patient.

next day, when Kimmy arrives at the hospital, he notices that Rachel is WAY more professional in her attitude to awards him. Rachel insists that she "took things easy" for their 1-st session ..... but now that needs to be all professional ... so Kimmy is healed quickly etc. They make good progress, talking about baby Noah, Hayley etc .... and they went overtime. Rachel insists that her professional attitude was to ensure that they get Kimmy well etc .... when Kimmy enquires.

Sally, Ric & Cassie have just some inside (to the van park house) after cleaning up the storm damage. Flynn wishes that he could help, but Cassie assures Flynn that he did enough on night of the cyclone.

soon after, Tilly & Luke arrive. Tilly suggest that Ric & Cassie should help Tilly & Luke as they help the local wildlife group with the animals that have been injured etc By the cyclone. sally or Flynn mentions that the last time Tilly did this kind of thing last years, she found the charred body of the REAL Zoe McAllister !!!

When Tilly & co are in the bush, they come across someones jumper ... and there's a black & white photo with the piece of clothing. Ric thinks that he recognises the person. BTW, Ric thinks that the pic was taken in the 1960s ... and its of a woman with beehive like hairdo.

As the search for animals continues, Ric mentions that, whilst he was looking for Cassie during th e cyclone, he saw someone running about in the woods but he didn't know who. Tilly &Co then come across a make shift campsite ... with a rucksack and other clothing etc. Ric is keen to wait for the mystery person to return to their belongings.

Tilly & others wait with Ric ... but they (partic Tilly) get restless and continue the search for injured etc animals .......

soon after, Ric has fallen asleep waiting for the mystery person .,..... and the person (who i think MUST be H&A newbie Belle Taylor), dressed in a hooded top, gets a few things for the campsite .... and runs away before the just waking Ric is able to see who etc the person is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Martha undercover to try to expose the believers .... she find a hatch in the bush, with possibly Rebecca Tate inside ... whilst Leah's in strife (beach related)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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