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Wed 25 Jan 06 - " I Believe In You "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " I Believe In You "

Amanda & Josh have just finished "kissing" and Amanda suggests that she should head for home .... Amanda takes a little bit of time to find her shoes & her jacket.

Meanwhile, at the hospital the male doctor says that Morag appears to be fine, but he wants to keep her in for another 24b hours for observation. Morag isn't keen of this, and Alf can't believe that she is still going on about josh & Amanda & project 56. When Alf & the doctor leave the room, Morag has a plan - she pushes the buzzer to call the medical staff that she's requires help.

Soon after, Morag arrives at Amanda’s flat. She suggests to graham that she knows that he is lying for Amanda. This train of thought is reinforced when Amanda enters the room ... she was in the shower, not away form the house as graham had said. Morag insists that she will find a way to bust josh& Amanda.

.Morag goes to the diner -0 where Alf can't believe that she discharged herself. Alf tries to stop Morag from going upstairs (to diner flat) to get something (her briefcase) but Morag decides to bail form the diner without it.

She goes to the surf club ... and sees josh. She approaches him ... and tries to tell the ppl at Noah's that their esteemed Mayor is V dodgy. As josh tries to leaves, Morag tries to grab his briefcase. The things inside tip out on the floor ... but both josh, and the just arrived Alf, think that Morag is a bit mental ... as do several of the other ppl at Noah's ... form the look on their faces.

Josh & Amanda are at the council chambers .. and Amanda revels as josh has told her about the Morag incident. Both are surprised when they hear a knock on the door .... it’s Morag. Amanda quickly hides under josh's desk. Josh is pleased when Morag says that she knows when she's been defeated ... i.e. she's giving up her pursuit etc of project 56. However, Morag does see, on josh's desk, a rather familiar (Amanda’s) handbag !!!!!

At the hunter house, Robbie can't believe that Rebecca has just disappeared. He insists to jack & Martha that the believers are responsible.

Jack & fellow police officer Lara go to the commune with a warrant .... but they find nothing ..... I did like that they showed the bucket that Jonah wash his bloodied hands in. when the police are gone (without finding anything), mumma rose congratulates Jonah in how he's handled things ..... with Rebecca, the police ... but now he needs to show similar qualities to get things moving with Tasha.

Jonah finds trash in a nearby tent. He helps her with a kerosene lamp .... and suggests that they should meet again a bit later near the wood pile (so Jonah can show Tash that chopping wood isn’t as simple as she thinks it is etc)

Meanwhile, back at the hunter place, Robbie has found another note from "Rebecca" ... in the hunter mailbox. Jack & Martha insist that there's nothing going on at the commune etc. things get quite heated .... and Tilly enters the room because of the arguing. Robbie is V pleased when Tilly insists that SHE believes what he is saying.

Jonah is writing a note ... and his hand writing seems to be V similar to that of Rebecca's ... if you get my drift. Tash approaches .... but although tash does pick up the axe, Jonah thinks that right now is not the time. Tash & Jonah start talking .... and getting really close emotionally ....... and we sees Mumma Rose walking past ... watching Jonah’s progress.

AT the diner, jack & Martha are talking about the Robbie situation. Martha sees to think theta they were perhaps to hard against Robbie ..... which is the explanation with Martha decides to, soon, go undercover and join the believers.

in the ep's final scenes, we see intercut images, of an anguished Robbie, Jonah & tash getting closer & closer .,.. and mumma Rose looking on with a menacing glee.


Tash tells Robbie that it's OVER between them ..... whilst Dan discovers, by accident, that Leah is pregnant !!!!

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