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Tues 24 Jan 06 - " Blood On His Hands !!!! "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Blood On His Hands !!!! "

Near the beach, josh & Amanda are still kissing, but Amanda breaks away. She says that she doesn't love josh etc. Josh think that the way she kissed him back belies the words she'd just said. Amanda's insists that they shouldn't be doing this ...because she's a married woman.

When Martha arrives at the Hunter house, she tells Beth & tony about what's happened to morag. Beth can't believe that Amanda seem to have got away with yet another thing ..... and when she & tony are outside, tony tells Beth that she should take her own advice ..... as she'd just told Robbie that we can't make ppl see things the way that we want them to (see below).

when amanda returns to the flat,m she's all stressed, and graham thinks that it's because of morag's accusations. graham says that he can cheer Amanda up - as he is going to go to the back tomorrow and get he 1-st lot of money for her acting academy.

next day, graham is about to leave the flat when josh knocks in the door. josh says that he is here on council; business about a payment that Amanda is making. when graham is gone, josh goes into the kitchen where Amanda is, and although Amanda is reluctant, they kiss.

later at the diner, Beth is telling tony about how she still can't believe what Amanda is doing to graham etc. Beth's father enters the diner, and Beth & tony decided to leave. graham takes offence, and Beth mentions that Manda told her that she intends to turn graham against Beth. graham thinks that Beth should accept Amanda as family but Beth says that graham cares so much about family, then why hasn't he contacted Beth & co since that cyclone (to see if their was any damage etc). graham says that he didn't do so because he imagined a confrontation like this. Some of Graham;'s things fall to the floor ..... incl. THAT cheque. Beth sees that its made out to Amanda and Beth is livid .... but Tony convinces her to bail for the diner.

at the flat, Amanda & josh are now on the lounge. Amanda suggests that Josh should go .... and she's worked to hard (on graham) to let the whole thing slip away if graham sees josh & Amanda together.

soon after Josh bails, graham arrives - with THAT cheque, which Amanda takes to josh At the council chambers. they kiss after Amanda shows josh the cheque.

Robbie is REALLY keen to go to the commune and convince tash to come home. He also tells jack that someone pushed him into the river ... but jack says that there;'s nothing he can do if Robbie didn't actually SEE anyone do it there's not much police can do. Roobbie wants to go to the commune ... but Beth says that you can't just makes someone see thing the way that you want them to. Tony & jack try to stop Robbie from leaving the house ... but he is able to get passed them.

at the commune, Jonah tells Tasha that she should feel sorry for Robbie ... as he isn't in touch with nature and can't see that real truths etc. We hear a car arriving and Robbie calls out to Tasha. Tasha approaches Robbie ... she's annoyed that he's woken everyone up etc. both Robbie & Tasha voice their points of view ...as does Jonah ...... before jack & tony arrive ..... and "suggests" that Robbie should go home with them.

Next day, Robbie is using the computer at the hunter house, he tells jack & Martha that one of his Net friends has attained some information about a girl who made accusations against the group now known as the believers. jack discovers that the info Robbie had received when from confidential police files ..... and that obviously robbie's friend had hacked into them. jack 'suggest" that Robbie should tell his friend to desist ... but when jack & Martha bail, Robbie phones his friend .. asking for more info.

soon after, an unknown girl arrive at the Hunter house. she's looking for Tasha. Robbie says that Tasha now lives with the believers,. the girl introduces herself as Rebbecca Tate. she says that she also had a "run in" with the group now known as the believers. Rebecca insists that she also thought that there is still some good in Jonah, but Mumma Rose (or whatever she's calling herself this week) is the one who sucks everyone in. Robbie tells Rebecca that he's going to get Jack ... so rebecca can tell the police man her story. Robbie then bails.

however, the believers had been alerted to Rebecca's presence. one of the other males tells Jonah that rebecca was spotted driving to the bay. Jonah insists that he will take care of things.

when Robbie returns to the Hunter house, with jack., rebecca is gone,. there's a note saying that she's had a change of heart etc.

at the commune, Jonah is by the river. he has blood all over his hands, and is washing them in a bucket. he sees Tasha exit a tent and smiles at her .he then hang the hanker chief, or cloth, that he was supposedly washing on a tree branch. he then gently tips the BLOOD RED water beside the river (end of ep)


Morag is keen to find out what Amanda & Josh are up to ..... will she catch them out when Amanda is with Josh at the council chambers

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