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Fri 20 Jan 06 - " Harmful Discovery "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Harmful Discovery "

Amanda enters the lounge room of her flat. Graham is snoring and Amanda’s entrance disturbs hums enough to wake him. Graham apologises for falling asleep like that etc. after graham goes into the shower, josh enterers the flat. He wonders why Amanda hasn't started transferring graham's money into the Project 56 account etc. Amanda says that she has a plan - she has a scheme to ASK graham for the money. Josh hope that Amanda’s plan is successful.

Soon after, Amanda & graham are in the kitchen and Amanda is talking about her less than brilliant job prospects, graham suggests that she should see if yabby creek school is after a drama teacher, but the cunning Amanda suggest that what she's "always" waned to do is start up her own acting academy. Amanda suggests that graham that it would be waaaay beyond her financial league, so he says that he'll gladly put up the money for this dream that Amanda has. (Note - she's waaaaaaaaaaay conniving but you do HAVE to love Amanda.

After graham decides to go for a walk, to see what damage cyclone did, josh arrives at the flat. He is rather pleased with Amanda’s rather ingenious drama academy solution.

AT this point, Morag is at Noah’s when Leah enters ..... with a letter saying the construction company involved with project 56 want to buy her house. So Morag goes straight to Amanda’s place, where she overhears josh & Amanda talking about project 56 ..... Indeed, because front door of flat was open it takes a while before Amanda & josh realise that Morag is spying on them ..... incl. when n they had begun to look at the computerised plans for the project (that features a BRIDGE). Amanda suggests that she'll call the police about Morag trespassing on her property, but Morag suggests that, since Josh is involved with the construction company, then josh (and possibly Amanda) are on VERY shaky legal ground. Morag decide to bail ... for now.

Things get more complicated for josh & Amanda when they can hear that graham is about to ember the apartment. Amanda suggests that josh should hide on the balcony but when graham goes to put his muddy shows there, Amanda creates a BIG distraction so josh can exit ..... she PASHES graham. However, when josh is gone, avoids it when graham tries to reciprocate the pash (but they do hug .... with Amanda having a face that's indicating "thank god, I dodged that pash).

Soon after, graham is home alone when Morag enters. She says that she is there to talk to Amanda, when graham sys that Amanda is out, Morag insists that she can wait. Morag see the laptop computer that josh & Amanda where using earlier. When graham asks if she'd like some coffee, Morag gladly accepts, and whilst he is in kitchen, she moves to computer and then access the Project 56 files. When graham returns to the room, she comments that she's thinking of buying a computer just like the one Amanda has. Morag drinks some of the coffee, and spits it out ..... she tells graham that it has sugar in out. she insists that she asked for "white and none" rather than "white with one" which graham thought he heard. whilst graham is making Morag’s coffee, she downloads all the Project 56 files, before telling graham that she's rememberer that she needs to be elsewhere.

When Amanda returns home, Graham comments that Morag was there when Amanda was out ... and that Morag was admiring the computer. When Amanda looks on the comp screen, she discoverers that someone has downloaded all the Project 56 files. Amanda rings josh about this.

At the surf club, Morag begins the access the downloaded files, but josh & Amanda arrive. There’s a struggle .... and josh pushes Morag ... she hits a wall and falls to the floor and is unconscious. Josh is keen to exit straight away, but Amanda is reluctant before she, too, bails (end of ep)

Leah & Peter talks about Dan’s gambling situation. Peter is concerned that he didn't give Dan all the money he wanted, whereas Leah is really worried that Dan didn't come to her about of al this (after all, she is his wife etc)

Peter hen goes to the surf club..... where he talks to Dan. Peter tells Dan that he and Claire have split. Peter says that Claire is with another cop who is higher up the food chain so to speak .... and she wants to affectively use newbie bf to advance her career etc. peter says that he's now thinking of transferring back to the Bay.

At Leah’s house, she is looking at the photos from her wedding to Dan.

Soon after, she is talking to Peter - who sees that piece of paper with the news that Leah is pregnant, peter thinks that Leah should tell Dan ….. but Leah says that she is waiting for the right moment. Leah also tells peter that when she got married to Dan she it felt magical etc. the scene ends with Peter looking pretty longingly at Leah .... suggesting that these two will rekindle their pre peter getting shot by Sarah in 2003 relationship !!!!!


When Amanda uses Graham as her alibi, will he concur with his wife's story (when asked by Jack)

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