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Thurs 19 Jan 06 - "Leave Now Rachel, ..... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"Leave Now Rachel, Things WILL Only Get Worse"

Hyde & Irene are by Kimmy's bedside hoping for him to wake up etc. Rachel enters the room .... suggests that they (hyde/irene) should perhaps go home for a bit ... and she insists that she will stay by kimmy bedside etc. When irene/hyde are gone, Rachel urges kimmy to awaken ..... and he actually does soon after.

When Hyde comes back to Kimmy's bedside, Rachel decides to bail from the hospital ...... but there is further trouble ahead for her (see below).

Hyde all but immediately launches into an attack about Kylie allowing this to happen to Kimmy ...... but Kimmy tells Hyde that Kylie was trying to stop Kimmy taking the GBH, and she was also against withe decision to dump kimmy in the gutter near the hospital. Kimmy also told Hyde that HE (kimmy) is to blame for all of this ...... not Kylie, not anyone at the party etc .... because kimmy has sooooooooooooooo down about losing Hayley and not being the father of the baby etc.

Leah tried to use the letter open that she grabbed in previous ep against Dudley .... but that failed abysmally.

Soon after, there was a knock on the back door. Dudley grabbed Leah and said for her to only invite the person in if it's Dan. When Leah opened the door, she saw old friend Rachel, and Leah said that she is not going to yoga this week. Rachel was clueless about what Leah was on about .... and Dudley was stressed about things so he pulled Rachel into the room as well. Rachel comments to Leah that life in the Bay in "great" ... she’s arrived in a cyclone, had to deal with the kimmy etc emergencies, and now she's a hostage.

Rachel insists to Dudley tat she IS a doctor and will tend to his wounds. As she does, Leah goes into the kitchen ... with her mobile phone. She turns on to tape at the kitchen sink (to hide the noise as she uses the phone). but Dudley is suspicious. He enters the kitchen and grabs the phone .. but Dan gets the text message "Dudley’s here, HELP" so he races off the van park house couch and out the door.

Meanwhile, Leah & Rachel decided to use their greater numbers to try and "best" Dudley but he seems to be able to deal with the dual attack ..... but then he gets king hit ....but not by Leah, or Rachel, or even Dan ... but by PETER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Dan arrives he is pleased that Leah is ok now, but she soooooooooooooo doesn’t want to talk to him and "suggest" that Dan should bail ..which he does.

As Robbie clings to THAT tree branch, he calls out for help. Tash hears and approaches the riverbank ... where she (and other believers) sees that Robbie is in BIG trouble. Jonah reaches towards Robbie .... and grabs hold of Robbie’s hand, and insists that Robbie will need to let go out the tree branch (with other hand) and trust Jonah to grab his hand. Robbie is reluctant ... but decides to go with Jonah idea ... but it doesn’t work and Robbie was washed down stream. Tash is desperate to launch a rescue misson, bu Mumma Rose insists that it would be foolish to try to search this late at night ... and Tash is further worried by the fact that she can't find her mobile phone. Jonah decides to go against Mumma Rose’s wishes ... and "suggests" that some of the believers look for Robbie tonight ... but there is no sign of him .... except for his glasses which were found down stream a little.

In the morning, Tash awakes ... and immediately wants to look for Robbie ...... thankfully, the sum is way shining, the rain has stoped, and the river is back to its normal (slow) flow. Soon after they started looking, Robbie is found washed up on the bank of the river. They revive him .... and Robbie insists that he doesn’t need to be taken to a hospital. He does, however, claim that he was PUSHED into the river ..... Robbie thinks that it was Jonah, whereas Mumma rose claims that because it was late at night, the not in tune with nature Robbie just miscalculated where the riverbank was. Mumma Rose and the others "suggest" that Robbie should leave .....and he complies (note - you get the feeling that Robbie should have, perhaps, agreed with the believers, and become one f them, to destroy them form the inside).

When Robbie was gone, Jonah approach Mumma Rose. He confronted her about Tasha's mobile .... Mumma Rose insists that Tash can't go running back to her old life when there's a bump in the road. Jonah also asked Mumma Rose about Robbie’s accusations .. about being pushed. Mumma Rose quite tersely insisted that she HAD to act because she knew that Jonah wouldn't (because of Tasha's friendship with Robbie). Mumma Rose further insisted (menacingly) that if Jonah doesn't gets rid of Robbie PERMENANTLY, then she will have NO TROUBLE in doing the task herself !!!!!!!


Morag is trying to discover the truth about Project 56, but ends up unconscious on the floor !!!!!!!!!!!!

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