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Mon 16 Jan 06 - "Welcome To The Bay, Rachel"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Welcome To The Bay, Rachel "

Opening Credits

Whilst the style has remained the same, only bits of the credits from 2005 has survived - sally/Flynn, whilst the image of Hyde/Irene with Irene holding a watering can in her hand (which has used for a time last year) is back, but the rest are ALL different. here's a link to the new credits screencaps - http://www.catchsomesun.org/forum/index.ph...pic=10241&st=79

Ep Synopsis

In the pouring rain, Kimmy is dumped from a four-wheel drive into the gutter on the other side of the road to the hospital. An ambulance officer sees something across the road but is called away and doesn't investigate.

Soon after, someone we've not seen before (the new doctor, Rachel Armstrong) also sees the something across the road ... and investigates. She brings him into the hospital ... but the lead nurse says that all the other doctors are off treating other ppl. Nurse is intrigued when the unknown woman gives her medical instructions (for tests etc for Kimmy) before Doctor Rachel introduces herself.

As Rachel and the nurses treat Kimmy, Rachel is perplexed about why kimmy's test results all look good and yet he is still V unwell. Rachel decided to try another test ..... which proved her theory. When Irene & Hyde arrived, Rachel told them that Kimmy was in a kind of a coma, which was caused by him having a kind of coma. Rachel says that coma was caused by Kimmy taking the drug GBH (ironic that Craig on Headland thinks his dead friend John took same drug). Kimmy was seeming to be OK (after Rachel gave him medicine to counteract the drug) ... but things took a turn for the worse ....... Rachel couldn't find a pulse ...... and just after she start using the "crash cart" on Kimmy, the power went out (see below) and the hospital generators didn't "kick in" either !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally was pleading with Flynn to reconsider his stance (about taking morphine - and ending it all now) but a V tired etc Flynn was insisting that we doesn't want to be remembered as the person who, like, collapsed on Hayley/Scott farewell etc.

Cassie overheard sallly/flynn ........ and didn't like what she heard ... she "went" at Flynn before rushing outside (in thew storm) ..... Ric enters the room and discovers what’s happened to cassie ... he and sally go outside to look ... but there's no sign of cassie.

When Ric & sally go back into the van park house ....... Ric "goes off" at Flynn for what happened. Soon after, Alf arrives ........ and says that the cyclone has been upgraded and is headed straight for the bay ...... he also says that power is out as yabby creek power station has been stuck with lightning. Ric & Alf go outside .... to look for Cassie .... as they search, Ric is hit by fallen tree branch.

When the already drenched Beth & Tony arrived at hunter house, they shocked Robbie, Martha etc with the news of graham/graham wedding.

Meanwhile, the newlyweds arrived home, Graham decided against carry Amanda over the threshold. You could see that graham was keen to kiss his new wife ... but she kept on coming up with excuses ...... like getting some champagne from the fridge .... or going out to celebrate their wedding.

When graham & Amanda arrive at Noah's, graham made the announcement ...... the like of Colleen,. Alf & Hyde were surprised .... Colleen immediately said that she has to tell madge WIlkins.

Soon after, Beth & Tony arrive at Noah's ...... and Beth couldn't believe that Amanda & graham just happen to be there as well. Beth immediately (verbally) attacks Amanda ... before tipping glass of water over her !!!!!!!!

Later, Beth (back at home) answers the door .... and wasn't keen that it was Amanda, who said that she'll RELISH turning Graham TOTALLY against Beth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robbie told Martha & Jack about his ultimatum to Tash ...... when Martha heard, she was keen to go to the commune tonight. Jack suggested that if they try to heavy-handed approach, Tash could dig her heels in even further. Jack & Martha then told Robbie etc that they are going o go to Noah's ... to lock etc the place up before the storm TRULY hits .....


The cyclone continues to cause havoc

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