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Time off home and away

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Time off home and away


16 January 2006

DESPITE the glamorous stereotype, working on a soapie is seriously hard.

Which is why the minute Home and Away wraps for the year, the cast and crew are in full-time relaxation mode.

Now they're all thinking about getting back into harness, and nervous, with the 2006 TV rating season firing up in four weeks.

But they all made the most of the time off.

We hear many of the show's hot young actors flew off around the world to make every second of their break count.

Kate Ritchie and NRL boyfriend Chris Walker hit New York for a couple of weeks, while blonde beauty Isabel Lucas enjoyed a 21st birthday present trip to Vietnam with her parents.

Holly Brisley and fiance Paul Ford escaped to Stradbroke Island, and Chris Hemsworth went home to Phillip Island for a bit of surfing.

Ada Nicodemou grabbed a well-earned break in Noosa, while Ray Meagher appeared in a British pantomime.

Home and Away gets going again tonight, and just maybe the writers have gone a bit over the top.

There's a freak storm, pregnancy, a religious cult, betrayal, attempted murder, infidelity, coma, hostages . . . all in the first week.

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