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Home and Away Fic *reposted*

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I've decided to repost all the parts I've done so far. Let me know what you think. :)

Part 1

(Tasha is with Irene.)

Tasha: Irene, what is it you’ve got against Josie? Is it because she’s my Mum’s cousin?

Irene: Tasha, love, I’m sure Josie is a great woman....but I worry about you.

Tasha: There’s no need.

(Later that day, Tasha is with Josie.)

Josie: Ever ridden a horse Tash’?

Tasha: Once or twice when I was little, I don’t remember much. How about you?

Josie: Yes. I started riding when I was about 10. I rode up until I was about 16, after that there wasn’t the time.

Tasha: Did Mum go with you?

Josie: Sometimes, Angie didn’t mind riding whereas I lived and breathed for it!

Tasha: Sounds like you had fun together.

Josie: We did. Tash’?

Tasha: Yes?

Josie: I’m going to see a friend next week, she breeds Horses. How would you like to come riding with me?

Tasha: I’d have to clear it with Irene but yes, I’d love to.

Josie: Great.

(Next day.)

(Irene and Tasha are at home.)

Irene: Good day, Tasha?

Tasha: It was okay...Irene; there was something I wanted to ask you.

Irene: Well then, fire away.

Tasha: Josie’s visiting a friend who breeds Horses. She wants me to go and ride with her, is it okay?

Irene: Well............

Tasha: Josie’s a good rider; she knows what she’s doing.


Irene: Alright.

Tasha: Thanks Irene, you’re the best!

(Tasha kisses Irene’s cheek then goes upstairs to change.)

(1 week later.)

(Josie pulls into a driveway.)

Josie: Here we are.

(As Josie and Tasha get out of the car as a woman walks over to them. She’s roughly 40, slim, with long wavy chestnut hair tied loosely in a ponytail. The woman is dressed in a pair of short green trousers and a yellow t – shirt.)

Josie: Hey Rita.

Rita: Josie!

(Josie and Rita hug.)

Rita: How are you?

Josie: I’m well thanks and I’m still living in Summer Bay. Are you in good health?

Rita: Not bad at all. How long is it since I last saw you?

Josie: I was still living in the “Cityâ€, so, a couple of months I think. Anyway Rita, I’d like you to meet Tasha. (looks at Tasha) Tash’, this is Rita.

(Rita and Tasha shake hands.)

Rita: Lovely to meet you Tasha, Josie’s told me so much about you.

Tasha: And you.

Rita: Right let’s get everything sorted.

(At the Diner. Alf notices Irene’s mind is elsewhere.)

Alf: What’s wrong Irene?

Irene: Nothing much, just the usual.

Alf: Still worried about Tasha?

Irene: She’s off riding with Josie.

Alf: Tasha’s a sensible girl.

Irene: I know....it’s just I don’t trust Josie.

Alf: I’m sure she’s fine.

(Elsewhere. Josie and Tasha are still out riding.)

Josie: So, what do you think?

Tasha: It’s great. I love it.

Josie: I thought you would.

(Josie canters on ahead a little...suddenly something spooks Star.)

Josie: Easy, Star.

(Josie gently pulls on the reins to stop the horse......but it’s too late.

Star whinnies in fear as Josie falls to the ground, unconscious.)

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Part 2

(Tasha sees Josie.)

Tasha: Josie!

(Tasha pulls carefully on the reins and stops her Horse, dismounts and runs over to where Josie is laying.)

Tasha: Josie? Josie? (looks around her.) Oh God, what am I going to do? (looks back down at Josie.) I’ll be back, you’ll be okay.

(Tasha quickly gets back on her Horse and canters away, trying to find her way back to Rita’s.)


(Rita hears the clattering of hooves in the yard.)

Rita: What the !? (sees Tasha.) Strewth!

(Rita goes out to Tasha.)

Rita, (concerned): What’s wrong? Where’s Josie?

Tasha, (breathlessly): She’s been in an accident. Star bolted. Josie’s unconscious, I think she’s been injured. I’m so sorry Rita.

Rita: Calm down, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about. Thank goodness Josie was wearing the safety gear. Do you know where she fell?

Tasha: I’m not sure...I think we were coming up to Kookaburra Point.

Rita: Uh – huh. I’ll be back in a sec.

(Rita signals one of the groom to take the horse to the stable.)

(A few minutes later.)

Rita: Tasha, I think you should stay here, hun. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Tasha: Okay. Can I use your phone? I need to call Irene and tell her what’s happened.

Rita: Sure. (sees how worried and shaken Tasha is.) Sit tight. Josie will be alright.

(Rita puts her arm around Tasha’s shoulders, then leaves.)

(Tasha goes into the house and takes off her riding hat and shakes her hair loose, then sits down by the ‘phone, picks it up and dials Irene’s number. As the dialling tone rings Tasha wipes tears from her eyes and cheeks. Irene answers.)

Irene: Hello?

Tasha: Hi Irene. It’s Tasha.

Irene: What’s the matter, doll? You sound upset.

Tasha: Josie’s been in an accident.

(A few days later. Tasha is back in the Bay.)

Tasha: Irene is it alright if visit Josie in hospital later on?

Irene: Okay. (Though it’s clear it isn’t.)

(That afternoon. Tasha is at the hospital.)

Tasha: Excuse me, I’m looking for Josie Russell, she was brought in 3 days ago. I’m her cousin’s daughter.

Receptionist: I see. She is in Side Room 4. You go down the corridor and it’s the 2nd on the left.

Tasha: Thanks.

(Tasha walks down the corridor to Josie’s room and gently taps on the door.)

Josie: Come in.

(Tasha goes in and closes the door.)

Josie, (looks up from her magazine, she has a cut on her head that’s been stitched.): Tasha!

Tasha: Hi.

(Josie and Tasha hug.)

Tasha: These are for you.

(Tasha hands Josie a bunch of flowers.)

Josie: Oh Sweetie. They’re beautiful, thank you.

(Josie kisses Tasha’s cheek.)

Tasha, (sits down in a chair beside Josie’s bed.): How are you.

Josie: A bit sore but okay.

Tasha: That’s good. I was so worried; I thought you had broken your neck.

Josie: Well, everything’s alright now.

Tasha: How long will you have to wear the cast?

Josie: About 6 weeks but I’ll be able to get about carefully on crutches. Though I have to say I don’t think it’s quite the right fashion accessory!

(Josie and Tasha laugh.)

Josie: Tasha?

Tasha: Yeah?

Josie: Do you think you would go riding again?

Tasha: Maybe, when you’re able to as well. Why do you ask?

Josie: I wanted to say I’m sorry. Your first time riding in years and this happens..and I said I was a good rider. Believe me Tasha, I wouldn’t lie to you.

Tasha: I know that.

Josie: I don’t want you to be frightened off by my accident. I’ve fallen off six or seven times over the years but you just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get straight back on again. (looks at her cast) Well, most of the time anyway! Did Rita find Star?

Tasha: Yes she did. His knees were grazed and was a bit shaken but he’s going to be fine.

Josie: Thank goodness. (pause.) The doctor says I should be home by Friday.

Tasha: That’s great news!

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Any fans of The Bill or EastEnders might enjoy this. :)

Part 3

(3 months after Josie’s accident. Her leg is now out of the cast but is still very weak)

(Josie is sunbathing as Tasha walks past, she doesn’t see Josie.)

Josie: Hey Tash’.

(Tasha jumps.)

Josie: Something up?

Tasha: No, you startled me a bit that’s all

Josie: Sorry.

(Josie reaches for her crutches and steadies herself into a standing position then slowly hobbles over to Tasha. Then Tasha kisses Josie’s cheek.)

Tasha: It’s great to see you back. How are you?

Josie: Okay, okay. So what’s been going on for the past 2 weeks since I’ve been away?

Tasha: Nothing much. Some new guy’s turned up at the gym last week, so I’ve been told. By the way, how are things with Jesse?

Josie: Not bad.

Tasha: Josie, are you.......well, you know......serious about Jesse?

Josie: To be honest I hadn’t really thought about it. (looks at her watch) You should get going; otherwise you’ll be late for school. Come round later and we’ll chat.

Tasha: Okay, see you later.

Josie: Sure thing.


(Josie limps into the gym. Jesse spots her.)

Jesse: Hey babe!

Josie: Hi.

Jesse: How did things go with the appointment?

Josie: The doctor says I’ll have to go to the hospital to have physiotherapy twice a week for the next 8 weeks to strengthen my leg until I can put much weight on it.

Jesse: You won’t have to go all that way, we have a physiotherapist here twice a week. I’ll introduce you, he’s a great guy.

Josie: Jess’ you’ve done enough already.

Jesse: It’s no trouble, I’m sure he won’t mind. I’ll go and find him.

(10 minutes later Jesse returns. The man with him is tall, with thick greying hair and deep eyes.)

Jesse: Josie, I’d like to meet our physiotherapist.....

Man: Johnny Beech.

( For a moment Josie holds Johnny’s gaze then suddenly comes back to reality.)

Josie: Josie Russell (pause) I would shake your hand by I think I might topple over if I let go, I hope you don’t think I’m being rude.

Johnny: Not at all. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Josie: And you.

(15 minutes later.)

(In the “Physiotherapy roomâ€.)

Johnny: Okay Josie, could you gently push my hand with your foot.....that’s great, well done.

(Johnny gently rests Josie’s leg back on the floor.)

(5 minutes later.)

Johnny: Oh, by the way, here’s my card. I’m here Tuesdays and Fridays but if in the meantime if you have any concerns or problems give me a call.

Josie: Thanks.

Johnny: My pleasure.

(A few minutes later.)

Jesse: See you tonight?

Josie: It’s a date!

(That evening.)

(Josie is having dinner with Jesse. Jesse notices that Josie seems distant.)

Jesse: What’s up, Jose’?

Josie: Nothing. I’ve just got a few things on my mind.

Jesse: Anything I can help you with?

Josie: No need.......... it’s not important.

(Josie is saying “goodnight†to Jesse on her doorstep.)

Josie: I’m sorry I wasn’t great company tonight.

Jesse: It doesn’t matter.

(Jesse kisses Josie.)

(A few minutes later.)

(Josie carefully makes her way to the kitchen and prepares herself some coffee, opens the fridge and puts 2 chocolate biscuits on a small plate.)

Josie: I’ll go back to crackerbread tomorrow.

(Josie puts her coffee and biscuits on her tray on wheels and then presses the forward button on its remote control.)

(Josie settles herself on the sofa and switches on the TV, her favourite medical drama “All Saints†is on but as Josie sips her coffee it’s clear her mind is elsewhere.)

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Part 4

(Josie is having another one her physiotherapy sessions with Johnny.)

Johnny: You’re making progress, Josie.

Josie: Thanks. It can be frustrating sometimes.

Johnny: I know...but never rush nature. By the way how is your knee, last time you said it was painful to move it?

Josie: It still is, a bit....but I know why.

(Josie rolls the legging on her injured leg up a little further to reveal her knee, a big black bruise covers most of it.)

Johnny: Ouch. Looks nasty. How did you do it?

Josie: I hit it on the cupboard door on Wednesday I think (laughs slightly), stupid thing to do really.


Johnny: I’ve just thought of something that might be able to exercise your leg a little more in the comfort of your own home.

(Johnny goes over to his sports holdall and takes out a long red elastic strap and takes it over to Josie.)

Johnny: These are known as muscle – bands. Try and put the centre of your foot on the band....that’s it.....now take each end in your hands and pull while pushing against it with your foot.

(Josie does what she’s just been told to do.)

Johnny: How does that feel?

Josie: Fantastic. Johnny, thank you

Johnny: That’s okay. Try and do, say, 5 minutes, 4 times day, then as your leg gets stronger increase it to 10. See you on Tuesday?

Josie: Absolutely, thanks again for all your help.

(Later, Josie is with Tasha. Tasha is sat on the sofa while Josie is on the floor doing the foot exercise with the elastic strap that Johnny had shown her that afternoon.)

Josie: So.......how did things go last night?

Tasha: Great. Robbie came over and we watched a movie.

Josie: Really? Things sound like they’re getting serious between you two.

Tasha: Not really. I don’t even know if we will be, I mean we’re friends, it’s casual.

Josie: So what you’re saying is you’re hoping for some sort of signal.

Tasha: Yeah.

Josie: Patience, Tash’, that’s all you need, give Robbie time, he’ll let you know. Believe me, I know.

(Josie and Tasha giggle.)

Tasha: How’s your love – life going?

Josie: Okay, I guess, Jesse getting all lovey – dovey, not my scene really.

Tasha: Is that because there’s someone else?

Josie: No. Whatever gave you that idea?

Tasha: You’ve been distracted, distant whenever I mention Jesse.

Josie: I’m sorry. It’s work that’s all, it’s getting busier by the day.

Tasha: So everything’s okay between you both.

(Josie’s unsure, she pauses.)

Josie: Yes.

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Part 5

(8 months after Josie met Johnny.

Josie is still having physio but she’s now al most regained full use of her leg thanks to their determination.)

(Early morning.)

(Josie’s mobile rings.)

Josie, (running down the stair wrapped in a lilac bath towel and her hair in a matching turban.): Alright, Alright! I’m coming!

(Josie jogs over to the table and picks up her mobile.)

Josie: Josie Russell.

Jesse: Hi.

Josie: Babe. How’s it going at the club?

Jesse: If by that you mean are we still running around like headless chickens trying to get the printing and everything else done in time for the opening next week then it’s okay.

(Josie laughs.)

Jesse: I was thinking why don’t we take the day off and enjoy ourselves?

Josie: Sounds great........but do you think it’s fair to leave Hayley to do the organising as well as everything else?

Jesse: Josie!

Josie, (laughing): Okay, okay. Point taken!

(Elsewhere in Summer Bay.)

(Sally is waiting for Kirsty to come over and baby-sit little Pippa.)

Sally: I wonder where Kirsty is.

(A breathless Kirsty practically skids onto the doorstep.)

Kirsty: Sorry I’m late.

Sally: No worries. Pippa’s asleep at the minute.

Kirsty: Okey doke. And before you say anything I know the routine.

Sally: See you later.

Kirsty: Bye.

(Later on Jesse and Josie and sat together on a snug little hill.)

Jesse: What did I tell you? Today has been wonderful.

Josie: Just what we needed....relaxation.

(Jesse strokes Josie’s hair.)

(Jesse kisses Josie passionately as she giggles.)

Jesse You know, you’re beautiful and...... I love you.

(Josie’ sits bolt upright, fear in her eyes.)

Josie: Stop it! Just stop it!

(Josie scrambles to her feet.)

Jesse: What?!

Josie: You had to spoil it, didn’t you?!

Jesse: What’s wrong with me telling you how I feel?

Josie: What is it with men?! They say one thing but they mean another. When we met you told me you wanted a “no – strings†relationship which suited me fine. Now you go and get all “everlasting love†on me?! I don’t need this.

(As Josie starts to walk away Jesse swiftly grasps her shoulders.)

Josie: What do you think you’re doing?! Let me go!

Jesse: Not until you tell what you’re running away from.

(Josie twists away.)

Josie: Leave me alone.

(10 minutes later.)

(Josie runs back to the house she shuts the door and leans against it, tears trickling down her face.)

(A few minutes later.)

(Josie is sat on the sofa, a little calmer now, she picks up her mobile and dials a number).

Josie: Come on.

(Voice crackles.)

Josie: Hi Johnny. It’s Josie Russell, from the gym. Could you give me a call when you get this message? Thanks, bye.

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Part 6

(Josie is taking an early morning walk, a gentle breeze wrapping her light green skirt around her softly tanned legs. Josie is deep in thought as she reaches down to adjust the strap on her gold sandal. Jesse’s shock declaration of love happened almost 2 days ago and has shaken Josie to the core. Why did he say it? He knew she wasn’t in it for love, just a bit of fun.)

?: Josie?

(Josie whirls around, her heart in her mouth, her spell of thought broken.)

Josie: Oh, hi Johnny.

(Johnny jogs over.)

Johnny: I didn’t mean to startle you. I got your message, what’s up?

Josie: Let’s go get a coffee right now I think I need it.

(Elsewhere in the Bay.)

Robbie: I’m telling you, Tash’, my mum is in love with Kim’s dad.

Tasha: You’re nuts, Robbie. They’re probably just friends.

Robbie: Oh really? Last night I walked in on them kissing....and I don’t mean just a good night peck on the cheek.

Tasha: Have you told Kim?

Robbie: He says he’s okay with it.

Tasha: There you go then. (kisses Robbie’s cheek.) Come on, otherwise we’ll be late.

(Tasha and Robbie walk off to school arm – in – arm, laughing and joking.)

(At the Diner.)

(Johnny hands Josie a coffee then sits down opposite her with his own.)

Josie: Thanks Johnny (sips her coffee carefully.) You didn’t have to do this. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do instead of listening to my troubles

Johnny: I don’t mind at all. So what’s the problem?

Josie: (The tip of one manicured fingernail gilding softly around the rim of the coffee cup.) Jesse has told me he has fallen in love with me

Johnny: Ah....and do you feel the same way?

Josie: It’s a shock. I just didn’t expect it to get so serious so soon. I thought it was just casual....I’m not someone who can commit.........

(Josie turns her head away, obviously emotional.)

Johnny: (gently touching Josie’s hand.) Josie?

(Josie turns back.)

Josie: It doesn’t matter.

Johnny: Listen, I think you need to let the dust settle, then talk about it.

Josie: That’s just it............I’m not sure if a relationship with Jesse is what I really want anymore..........................

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Part 7

(A few weeks later.)

(Josie is working at Noah’s. Jesse has avoided Josie like the plague of which Josie is uncomfortably aware.)

Josie: Jess’...we need to talk.

Jesse: I think you’ve already said all that’s needed.

Josie: Jesse, please, just hear me out.

Jesse: (sighs) Okay. (looks over to Hayley.) (calling) Hayley, can you look after the bar for 5 minutes?

Hayley: Yeah, sure.

(A few minutes later Josie and Jesse are sat together to in a quiet corner.)

Josie: When you told me how you feel, I was shocked, my immediate reaction was anger. I just wanted to run...to save myself from being hurt.

Jesse: Josie, I would never intentionally hurt you.

Josie: I know, for me it’s defence, I clam up. I want to be able to open up to you and accept your feelings but it’s hard, I’ve had a few knocks in life so I’ve learnt to survive alone. (sighs) I care about you...but it all seems to be happening so fast, it scares me.

(Josie leans her hand over the table.)

Josie: Do you think we could give it another try?

(Jesse covers Josie’s hand with his own.)

Jesse: Yes...we’ll take it slowly this time.

(Josie smiles, then leans forward and kisses Jesse.)

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