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Cyclone Tracy - Katie Richie

Guest -Kelly-

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The true story of Australia's most devastating natural disaster. On Christmas Eve, 1974, the people of Darwin endured the most destructive natural disaster in Australian history as Cyclone Tracy ripped through the city, leaving it in ruins. This highly acclaimed, three part mini series depicts the events of that terrifying Christmas, celebrating the spirit and courage of the people who survived the devastation.

Rated: [ TBA ]

DVD release: 5 Dec 2005

Director: Donald Crombie, Kathy Mueller

Running time: 120 mins

Stars: Tracey Mann, Nicholas Hammond, Chris Haywood

Katie Richie's First Acting Movie :)

She has a very small part but the movie is great!!

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Is it me or does it seem like Kate is branching out in movies, tv shows etc so she can leave H&A I hope not love her to bits


She's probably seen waht happened to Beau Brady and several others and figured that the axe can fall any time. She figures she needs to have some options!!

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