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Part 1: Soccer Ball Liaisons

As she walked down that same old corridor, Angela Russell looked around at the smartly-dressed students, ties knotted, shoes polished, faces bearing that same dull expression that only the endless toil of studying at Ochre Sky Academy could bring.

Angie, always a believer in freedom of expression had once found the military-like running of the school disturbing, and had worried that she would find herself sinking into the murky depths of boringness. However, Angie had discovered that the staff at Ochre Sky were far from similar to the drones they taught. Never before had she encountered such a collection of bizarre, libidinous, scheming and back-stabbing adults in charge of educating the future generation. She fitted in perfectly.

Opening the door to the staffroom, Angie was greeted by that horrible musty smell that always lingered, although it was soon drowned out by the overpowering stench of Cod Liver Oil emanating from a pompous-looking older gentleman named Bert Greenwood. A history teacher since before the invent of.. well, pretty much everything, he always kept himself to himself, but unfortunately, he was conversing with Denora Peighton, Angie's friend and confidante.

Hoping to avoid Bert's stench, Angie tried to avoid her friend's eye, but to no avail.

"Hiya Ange" Denora yelled across the room. A young African-American woman, "Denny", as she was known, had arrived at the school a few months previously and Angie had taken her under her wing and helped her to adjust to life in Australia.

Before Angie could respond, Denny explained that she couldn't talk as she had to prepare for a departmental meeting. Thankfully, Bert and Denny both taught the same subject so he also departed, before his odour could attack Angie's nasal passages.

About ten minutes later, Angie was still wandering round the room and tracked down PE teacher Matthew Ross, her secret lover. Their eyes met and he quickly turned and headed for the door. Angie followed, and they met in the soccer storeroom, which had a lockable door with no window. They grabbed hold of each other and engaged in a passionate kiss. However, before they could go any further, the bell rang signalling the start of first period

"Meet you in the janitors' toilet at recess?" he asked. He explained that the soccer club was on the period after recess, and people would be in and out of the cupboard for equipment to set up for practice as early as they could. Angie agreed to the new venue for their breaktime canoodling and they cautiously opened the door. They were unfortunate enough to encounter their respective sons, Dylan and Stephen.

In her mind, Angie was preparing an excuse as to why she was in the soccer store with Matthew, but Dylan gave her a knowing smile which threw her off guard. Could he know about her relationship?

As Angie and Matthew headed off, Dylan turned to his friend.

"Could they be any LESS discreet!?"

Stephen gave Dylan a puzzled look. Dylan explained that every day he seemed to spot his mother and Stephen's dad emerging from that storeroom looking rather ruffled. Stephen looks unconvinced.

Whilst walking, Angie meets Denny, who explains that she's on her way to retreive her handbag which she left in the soccer storeroom when she had been in there earlier sorting out some equipment as a favour for one of the PE teachers.

Angie mentions that she's just come from there and that she had wondered why there was a handbag on one of the shelves.

Denny gave a cheeky grin. "So by any chance, were you in there looking at Matthew's soccer balls?"

Angie gave a snorty laugh. Denny was the only person to whom she had revealed details of her affair. After all, Matthew was a married man and a scandal could get them fired by their posh principal.

"So is that where you two've been meeting since the Home Ec kitchen got a new door with a window in it? Denny asked

"Well," replied Angie, "it's out of the way, and students aren't allowed in that corridor during recess and lunch."

Denny looked rather interested upon hearing this.

The two friends exchanged another cheeky giggle and went their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Dylan was still explaining to Stephen that their parents were obviously seeing each other. Stephen insists that it wouldn't happen, but Dylan says that since Stephen's mother left his dad, they're free to do what they want. Stephen then informs Dylan that his parents are back together, just living apart.

Dylan looks surprised but insists he'll prove it - they just have to keep an eye on what's going on in that cupboard - and their soccer practice later that day will give them the perfect opportunity. Stephen continues to insist that they are not having an affair, but his expression indicates that it's not just his parent's marriage that is making him nervous about what Angie and his father could be up to....

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