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In Search of the Truth

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Sally cradled Pippa in her arms and stared in shock at the contents of the letter she was reading. She could not see how any of it could be true, her parents had drowned but the writer of the letter to her was claiming they were alive. Instinctively Sally scrunched up the letter and threw it on the floor. She then whispered soothingly to her toddler daughter who had started to cry 'Shh, darling, mummy's just a bit upset, no need for you to cry'

Sally picked up Pippa and placed her in the buggy, she decided to get some fresh air and digest the contents of the shocking letter. On the beach she sat looking out to sea with young Pippa, the letter had caused her to wonder about her real parents.

'You alright Sal' Alf asked as he came over, Sally shook her head 'I had a letter this morning from someone who claims to be my brother, he was given up for adoption as a newborn baby a year after my parents died'

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