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An Undeniable Bond

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iam a tash/kim shipper, since finding out chris and issy are dating, i really want kim and tash to get together, so this is my way of making it happen for me.

set in the near future.

hayley's just left summer bay,

tash and robbie have had a massive argument and robbie tells tash to get out.

its 11pm at night and tash is walking along the beach crying.

she cant believe robbie was so mean to her earlier. she sits down and puts her head in her hands crying even harder.

she doesnt know where to go, its too late to go to irene's, so she decides to just sleep on the beach.

she sits their crying, not realising kim's walking down the beach towards her.

kims also walking down the beach he's told irene he was going for a walk to clear his head.

he notice somene in the distance, as he gets closer he realises its tash... and that she's crying and has her stuff with her.

" tash... whats wrong?" kim asks sitting down next to tash.

" he... he threw me out... said he didnt love me... he's found someone else kim" tash said crying really hard.

kim wrapped his arms around her, as he sat holding his best friend, all the feelings he's tried sooo had to bury came flooding back to him.

ever since the first day he'd met tash he's loved her, but as he got to know her he fell more and more in love with her.

so he sat here with his best friend in his arms just holding her and trying to calm her down.

as she lay in kim's arms tash realised she always felt safe and loved whenever he hugged her. untill now she hadnt realised why!!!

she looked up at kim, she brought her hand up to his cheek, and he brought one hand to her hair and they both leaned in and shared a kiss, which suddenly grew in passion untill tash was under kim in the sand fooling around.

as they kissed kim stopped.

" what did you stop for?" tash asked

" i want to make sure this is really what you want tash? because, i really like you"

tash smiled up at him, she pulled him down and kissed him.

when she pulled away she said to kim

" iam 100% sure kim... and i like you too" she said smiling at him.

kim leaned down and they resumed kissing.

after about 45 minutes of making out, they decided to go back to irene's. they knew she would be in bed, so they sneaked into kim's room, which was now the downstairs room, as olivia had hayley's old room, hayley had moved into his old room and he had the downstairs room.

kim and tash quietly sneaked into the house so as not to wake anyone up.

they crept to kim's room hand in hand, then when they were in, kim locked the door so no one could get in.

once they'd both changed, kim into a pair of shorts and tash in a tank top and a pair of bikini bottoms, they got into bed, they just layed their kissing for a little while.

then they both fell asleep wrapped up in the others arms...where they belonged.

sooo what does everyone think? should i do more? coz it hangs either way.

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