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It's as if someone turned down the volume on the world. That's the first thing that came into her mind. Everything was toned down and dimmed. Sounds floated through the air, images, soft and fuzzy. It's peaceful, she likes it. She doesn't want to go back.

The demands of the world began to ebb away for the first time. Obligations and responsibilities faded, her fears and hopes now seemed unimportant. Sensations faded. The cold air of the night, the hard ground, the coppery smell of fresh blood.

People start yelling, she can vaguely make out a voice calling her. She knew that voice. But there was no telling who it belonged to, she was so tired, so sleepy, she just wanted to close her eyes, drift along with the waves that rocked her gently, so very gently towards resting slumber…She sees none of it anymore, doesn't even think of it. Her mind wanders.....

Away from the surreal present, into the past.

She revisits the happy times of the past. The little girl, laughing, playing in the sun. The world hasn't instilled sadness and and the pain of loss in her yet. The little girl grows up and her smile fades. Her “parents†deception, their death and her fathers rejection takes it away a little bit at a time.

But her life hasn;t been all sadness. She drifts into happier times.

Meeting her mother had been one of the best days of her life. Hearing stories of her mothers childhood in Summer Bay and the family waiting for her there, she knew she had a home waiting for her.

Her Granddad, Ric, Morag and so many others had welcomed her into there lives with open arms. They all made her feel like part of a family.

And now, when she finally felt like she had found that family, a place to belong, a place to be happy again it looked like it was going to end before it even really began.

The blinding headlights, the pain and the screams of her friends, she knew it was bad. She also knew, somehow, that she was dying. She could feel herself slipping away and no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't seem to stop herself from drifting. She didn’t feel dead, but then again, she didn’t feel alive either. Maybe this was it. The end.

Suddenly, the real world began to intrude, Pain, piercing sirens, and fear. Trying desperately to breath. The ground swaying, being lifted up, unable to move. Hands lifting her, whispers just low enough to be missed.

She can hear someone calling her name, the voice filled with fear. The darkness rushing up to meet her, the pain is extreme, it only fades once it's chased away by a numbing cold.

She lets herself go and everything disappears, the sudden cold, the pain, the noise.

There is nothing left but the blackness.

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