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Home and away is where Jason?s

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Home and away is where Jason?s

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July 8 2005

Jason Smith is not as quirky as his character Robbie Hunter on Home & Away, but he admits he can be a clown at times and loves to ?put a smile on people?s dials?.

This was evident when I spoke to the 20-year-old about the upcoming celebration of 4000 episodes.

?I think it will be still around at 100,000 episodes ... yeah, I?ll be there in some sort of oxygen tank having had plastic surgery or something,? he laughs.

?A show is lucky to make 500 episodes, let alone 4000, and people are still watching it.

?We had 1.8 million viewers in one episode earlier this year and there are lots of awesome, fresh stories coming up.?

Despite the gruelling day Jason has ahead of him, it is apparent he loves a chat and was enjoying relaxing in the sunshine after three hours of filming ? and another seven ahead before heading home to check scripts for the next day?s events.

Viewers will also remember the fine performances of Jason on the dance floor in this year?s series of Dancing with the Stars.

?I?m the dancer in the cast, Dancing with the Stars final four ? that?s me,? he said.

?It was full-on, one of the most crazy experiences I have had in my entire life.

?It was lots of fun, and now I just wonder how I did it all working all day and then dancing at the studio until 11 o?clock most nights.

?Bec (Cartwright) was there to guide me ? we had a dance on the set once or twice ? and everyone was saying I?d be the new Bec.

?But I can?t dance, that?s the difference.?

Jason said being on the show has changed the way he is recognised ? from having teens chasing him in the streets to grandparents and parents showing their support. ?It?s a dream come true,? he said.

Jason can?t imagine doing anything else, having completed courses at the Australian Theatre for Young People from the age of 14 and various radio shows since the age of 13. He was also on Water Rats while still at school.

?I?d love to keep working as an actor and I want to do other stuff in the UK and the US, but I?ll take each day that comes and do projects that interest me and challenge me.?

Robbie Hunter has been through many different storylines, none more challenging for Jason than when he got a needle stick injury.

?It was a big challenge for me and I had to re-create Robbie for the story and it was a huge compliment to think the crews thought that I could deal with a story like that but that?s what it?s all about.

?If I wasn?t getting challenged I wouldn?t want to be a part of it.?

He attributed Home & Away?s continued popularity to the changing cast and storylines.

?People can relate to it and it is easy-going, so that families can watch it over dinner.

?I think it is a generational thing, with people who have grown up with it,? he said.?People are familiar with the storylines ... people want to live life in Summer Bay.

?The 4000th episode is mega, and I remember thinking, ?Holy moley, how did they get so many cast members back???



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