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Thats Life magazine spoils stalker storyline

Guest Kelly

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I brought Thats Life! (Issue 23, June 13) yesterday and I wasflicking through it, and boy was I pissed off. I've been trying to stay spoiler-free when it comes to the stalker, and its been pretty hard, so to be reading a competley unrelated magazine and have it spoiled is damn annoying.

Basically, it has a two page photo-spread of Emily Perry modeling varoius winter coats, and bang smack in the middle of the first page is nice bold letters is "Fresh from her role as the Summer Bay stalker, Zoe, in TV's Home and Away, Actress Emily Perry shows you what to wear when you want to go undercover."

I wouldnt be so pissed off if Thats Life were just an Australian Magazine that happens to make its way over here without any real intention from the publisher, but the cover states very proudly that its "New Zealands No1 Real life mag", and they often have slightly edited issues for the NZ shelves, and even have NZ specific competitions now and again. Its pretty obvious that NZ is going to be behind Australia, even just by a little bit (For example, were only 8 episodes behind Neighbours, but 10 weeks behind H&A) so how hard would it be to do two seconds of research, find out if the episode had aired in NZ and either wait the month till it is to publish it, or publish it in the Aussie copy now and wait a month and stick it in the NZ one to make sure you get your moneys worth?

Of all the things to have to stear clear from to avoid stalker spoilers, I would think that a magazine that prides its self on having zero articles to do with celebrities and having all the articles being about real people to be the last one. I'm dissapointed, and I hope other NZ viewers will join me in complaning.

(I tried to scan it but my scanners being tempermental. If anybody else happens to have a copy maybe they could scan it?)

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