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Jesse & Martha Ficlet!

Guest Cat123

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This is just a short little thing I wrote. I want to continue but I'm not really sure where it's going. I just really like these 2 and wanted to write a fic. And get some feedback. What do you think?

?Jesse, what are you doing??

Her question was quickly answered when he grabbed her round the waist and pulled her into an embrace. Martha giggled and spun around to face him, planting a kiss on his lips. He cradled her head in his hand and kissed her back but she seemed to have second thoughts. ?What about Granddad??

?Not really who I want to be thinking about right now.? Jesse winked at her.

?I?m serious, he could walk in any second.?

?Would you relax.? Jesse pulled away and replaced his arms around her middle. ?He went home with a headache.?

Martha sighed. ?Sorry.?

Jesse kissed her again, a reassuring peck this time. ?Don?t apologise, it?s ok. You can tell him about us whenever you?re ready.?

?So there is an ?us? then?? Martha flashed Jesse and teasing smile. He latched on to where this flirty banter was heading and mirrored her expression.

?Well, I?ll have to think about that.?

Martha raised her eyebrows and whacked him lightly on the arm. ?Oh really, I?m waiting.?

?Hmmm?? Jesse replied, trying not to laugh. This was ridiculous, how old was he? There was something about being around Martha that turned him back into a giggly teenager with a crush. He liked it. Martha giggled and moved in closer. ?I think I?ve come to a decision??

?Show me.?

Their lips were millimeters from touching when there was a loud, not so subtle cough. They peeled apart to see Robbie leaning on the bar with a childish grin on his face.

?OJ please when you?re ready.?

Jesse looked at Martha and they both blushed. ?Sure mate, I?ll just??

He walked a little way along the bar towards the fridge and felt Martha?s hand brush his back as he passed her. Her touch was electric, it send shivers up his spine.

Robbie noticed and gave Martha a questioning look.


?Nothing. It?s just?? She folded her arms waiting, but he face said she was more amused than annoyed. ?Don?t you think it?s weird??

?I think you?re weird, but I don?t complain.?

?He?s 10 years older than you.?

?I?m well aware of that.? Martha paused, turning to look at Jesse. ?It?s just a bit of fun, it doesn?t feel weird.?

?Does Alf know??

?No. And you?re not gonna tell him are you??

Robbie shook his head. ?No, I want to stay alive.? He looked towards Jesse too. ?Have you seen the muscles on that guy??

Martha suppressed a giggle. She clearly had.

Edit: I can't type!! Martha's name's spellt wrong in the title, sorry about that!! Can someone change it please?

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