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Young Love

Bella xx

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Story Title: 
Type of story: One Shot / Short/Medium Fic / Long Fic - If you aren't sure if it's going to be long or short just put short/long fic and (undecided) in brackets.
Main Characters: Who will be in your story, what character/s does it centre around.
BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance right here
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Comedy, whatever fits. Try to fill it out, if not sure just put General.
Does story include spoilers: Yes or No, yet make sure you mention if it includes Aussie spoilers too.
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence/death, language are the main warnings, however you can include further, eg. Drug References. It is also recommended that before each chapter you make specific warnings.
Summary: 5 lines max - The main plotline.



( Start of Scene ) 

Scene Location: Diner 

Characters: Aden, Belle, Irene 

Hey there sweet lips” smirks Aden as he walks pass Belle in the diner. Belle rolls her eyes. Aden is known to flirt with the girls and be the ‘ladies man’. She doesn’t think this comment thrown at her is anything special. But to Aden he means it. Aden cares very much for Belle.


Aden and Belle both haven’t revealed that they like each other. But they have both been keeping their eyes on each other for weeks now.

Aden glancing at Belle as she wipes the tables while humming to herself. Belle glancing at Aden as he places the chairs around the tables in the morning. Both unaware that they are drooling over each other. Belle has noticed a strange energy coming from Aden lately. He seems down and she is worried about him.


Aden’s father, Larry has been coming in, trying to talk to him and it always looks so serious. Belle tries to mind her own business as usual, but she can’t help but worry about him. Aden has no idea that Belle notices Larry come into the diner, and Aden has no idea that Belle worries about Aden.


Aden works frequently, avoiding home, avoiding his father. Belle works to ensure Irene and Leah aren’t so burden by the workload. Many high school students come in the afternoon to have an afternoon snack. It can get busy.


‘Get out of my way, you’re so annoying tonight. All you can think about is yourself’. Belle barges pass Aden angrily carrying plates of food and walking back into the kitchen with a tea towel. Aden likes to stir Belle up and loves any attention from Belle. Belle feels irritable. She just wants to get her work done. But Aden loves the very sound of Belle’s voice and think she is adorable angry.


As Aden takes the orders at the front counter, he glances at Belle who is talking to Irene. Aden gives a little smile under his breath. He feels butterflies and tingly inside when he thinks of her.

“She’s so beautiful, why would she even think of going out with an idiot like me. She can’t even talk to me’. Aden sighs to himself. Aden knows he has never felt like this before about any girl and he can’t stop thinking about her.


‘He’s being a jerk to me again tonight, I wish he would stop and be sensible for once. And yet he is so gorgeous to look at. Aden is a hard worker….. I wouldn’t mind kissing his lips….” Belle thinks to herself day dreaming as Irene lectures her about the work and how to properly serve customers.


Belle , are you listening’ Irene snaps.


“Ah yes, sorry, was thinking about what to have for dinner at home’. Belle blushes and feels ashamed for telling a fib.


‘Goodness, girly, I don’t know what is on your mind lately, but you’ve been off with the fairies for weeks now’. Irene crosses her arms.


“Sorry, I just worried about Annie, she has been hanging out with the wrong crowd lately and I’m worried’. Belle pretends.


“Me too Belle, me too’. Irene goes along with what Belle has said.


As Aden takes out the bins, Belle realises she needs to empty the mop bucket. She goes outside. Its cold and windy.


Belle glances and checks out Aden again.


‘Nice out here tonight isn’t it’. Aden laughs in a jerk way.


‘Yeah I suppose. Just doing what I need to and then going back inside’ Belle rolls her eyes.


‘Its especially beautiful since you’re out here, isn’t it’ Aden teases. But really means it.

‘Ha-ha, yeah right Aden’ Belle doesn’t believe he likes her and just wants to stir her up.


Aden gets closer and walks towards Belle. “You know it, don’t you’. Aden whispers.


“Know what’ Belle crosses her arms and rolls her eyes.


‘That you’re beautiful and have the sweetest lips’ says Aden, in a cute adorable manner.


‘Yeah right Aden’. But still is stubborn. But is shaking on the inside. Her legs are shaking. Her breath is starting to become quicker.


“Belle’ says Aden in a whisper again, he leans even closer and closes his eyes


‘Aden, what are you doing’ Belle says, in a whisper and finding herself closing her eyes without control.


‘Nothing, I just want to give you something, show you something’. Aden whispers again and Belle can feel his breath on her.


“Aden’ Belle whispers. ‘We can’t do this’ Belle says panting.


“We can’ Aden says in a whisper again, his lips touching hers.


Aden and Belle begin to kiss and Aden’s arms wrap around Belle.


The door slams shut loudly, scaring Belle and Aden.


Belle jumps. There is a person standing at the door. Looking unimpressed.


(End of scene)

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