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Always Mine


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Story TitleAlways Mine
Type Of Story: One Shot. 
Main Characters: Heath, Bianca, Darcy
BTTB Rating: T/A
Genre: Drama/Family/Romance/General
Does story include spoilers: Maybe for people outside Australia ? 
Any warnings: 
Summary: Heath has an insecurity. 


Nine months. All things leading to this moment. The joy, the anger, the sorrow and frustration accompanied by a sense of worry that never really left. Heath wanted to say that he was prepared for this, to be a father again but as time ticked on and he watched Bianca bond with the child in her stomach he was made more and more aware that this child would be a part of her. It would have a blood connection to her and he hated to admit that it scared him. It was true that she loved Darcy and Harley but they weren’t her children, they were his, a fact that they were constantly reminded of. He knew inside of him that he shouldn’t question Bianca’s devotion to his children but it seemed impossible, the very thought haunted him in his sleep.

“Heath! Could you try and concentrate. I am having your baby!”

Heath blinked looking down at Bianca who was lying on the bed, her forehead covered in sweat, seven hours into labour. “I am concentrating”

“Actually, you are distracted” Bianca raised her eyebrow, taking the moment in-between contractions to lie back against the pillows. “You haven’t done something stupid have you? I am not about to be left alone to raise his baby”

Heath shook his head. “No Bianca, everything is fine”

“That doesn’t sound very convincing. You haven’t been yourself this last week, what is going on? Talk to me because once this baby comes we won’t have time to be distracted”

He wanted to talk to her about it, just to let her understand his concerns but there was a sense of fear in him that she wouldn’t be able to take away this nightmare. “You are having a baby; we’ll talk about it later”

“No. Now!”

Heath closed his eyes, breathing deeply. “I don’t know what you want me to say Bianca. This isn’t a conversation we should have while you are giving birth”

“What have you done?” The question left Bianca’s mouth before she could stop it, the tone in his voice was telling her something was wrong and the first thought that came to mind was this would be the time that he was going to jail leaving her alone with three kids.

“I haven’t done anything” Heath defended himself. “It is nothing, just my own insecurities”

Bianca raised her eyebrow. “What are you insecure about?”

“Bianca we are having a baby” He watched her stare at him confused by his words; after all she knew they were having a baby. “We are having a baby, a baby that will be ours. I don’t want you to think I doubt you but Harley and Darcy are…”

“Mine” Bianca interrupted him, looking into his eyes. “Harley and Darcy are mine. I am raising them, same blood or not those children are mine” She entwined her hands with Heath’s, normally this thought would have irritated her and caused an argument which would turn into a fight but this time she couldn’t bring herself to be hurt by his words. His insecurities were valid but she knew that blood did not matter when it came to his children. “I understand where you are coming from Heath, I do but my love for them will not be affected by my love for our child”

“That is my fear Bianca, you love my children but this is going to be our child. When you hold this baby it is going to be different. This isn’t a nine year old girl coming into our lives or a baby from another woman, this is baby you are giving birth to” He sat down in the chair by her bed. “This child is going to call you mum, you are going to experience…”

“I am going to love all of our children equally, don’t question my ability to do so Heath. I have helped you raise Harley from a baby. I have experienced every moment. Maybe he doesn’t call me mum but that is okay. I know in my heart that I am his mother. As for Darcy, she had Tegan for nine years, I cannot replace the mother that was taken from her but I love her like any mother would. They are out children Heath and I will be there for them our child will not change that”

Heath took his hand out of hers and covered his face. “I don’t…I’m sorry but…”

Bianca reached for him. “Listen to me. I love Darcy and Harley, they are our children, I promise you I won’t treat them differently”

“Is everything okay?”

Heath and Bianca looked over at the door to see Darcy with her head poked into the room, she looked sheepish, having just interrupted a moment between her father and his wife.

Heath frowned. “How much of that did you hear?”

Darcy raised her eyebrow. “I just got here. Is everything okay? Gran and Irene are in the waiting room with Harley. I just wanted to say good luck” She leaned forward and hugged Bianca. “I can’t wait to see the baby. I think it will be a boy”

Bianca smiled, hugging Darcy tightly. “We’ll have to wait and see. I love you Darce”

Darcy saw her dad had turned his head away. “I love you too Bianca. Is everything okay?” She repeated the question again.

“Of course it is. We are about to welcome your sibling into the world, things are just…”

Darcy looked at her father. “Harley and I know Bianca loves us dad. It’s going to be different we know that but Bianca does love us”

Bianca squeezed the teenager’s hand. “You did hear us”

“Not much” Darcy admitted. “But enough to know what you were talking about. You’ve been in my life for six years now, I consider you my mother. I love my mum and I know you aren’t trying to replace her but you just sort of make the void ache a little less, you are always there and you love me more than I thought imaginable. I don’t call you mum, I didn’t think you would want me too, but I’ll always consider you my mother Bianca”

Heath watched the scene between his girls, the way Darcy hugged Bianca tightly careful not to squish Bianca’s baby bump. He knew it was crazy to doubt his wife’s love for his children but it was a natural response leading up the welcoming of their own child.

“You can call me whatever you want, Darce, I don’t need a name to tell me what I am” Bianca told her, looking at Heath slightly, she could see the tears in her husband’s eyes and she reached to take his hand. “You go be with your brother. Won’t be long until you get to meet your new sibling”

Darcy nodded. “Alright…” She took a few steps away from the bed and around to her father. “Don’t be so hard on her, she is smarter then you” She hugged him. “I love you dad”

“I love you too, kiddo”

. Hope it doesn’t hurt too much” She quickly exited the room chuckling leaving the two adults sitting in the room stunned. mumall day. He calls you it all the time Bianca, I just think he needs to be told it is okay” She grinned cheekily. “Good luck, Mummy Darcy skipped towards the door, glancing back over her shoulder. “You know, Harley has been asking for

Heath looked at Bianca, seeing the tears of joy in his wife’s eye. It was then that he could truly see it, the undying love in her expression. He couldn’t doubt it, Bianca loved Darcy and Harley like they were her own, truly loved them.





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