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Baby Daddy


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Yes I did get the idea of the title from the TV series of the same name and thanks Ludub for helping me with the word count and with ideas. :)

Story Title:  Baby Daddy

Type of Story: One Shot 

Main Characters: VJ Patterson, Hunter King, Vinnie

Other Characters: Billie, Angela

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance,teen

Spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: VJ learns the truth about Vinnie and the paternity of Billie's Baby.


What are you doing?’ Hunter asked in a teasing tone

“Reading this baby book I want to be the best father possible to this baby” VJ groaned

"Not again?!" whined Hunter, snatching the book out of his hands and holding it behind his back."C'mon! I'm bored! It's the holidays! We should be doing something fun!"

VJ tried to get the book back but Hunter kept dodging him and keeping it just out of reach.

"Fine!" huffed  VJ, running his hand through his hair in a frustrated sort of way. "What's the big plan then?! What do you wanna do?!"

Hunter shrugged. He hadn't really thought that far ahead. Then he smiled like a lightbulb had just gone on in his head. “Hey I have an idea, let’s go camping!” Hunter said

"I dunno, I guess..." said VJ, not sounding all that convinced

C’mon you need to get your mind off of babies" Hunter said.

“I’d much prefer to visit my dad’s grave” VJ replied

"Your dad's grave?" said Hunter, giving him a strange look, "That's your idea of a fun day out is it?"

VJ shrugged and stared at a photo that Leah had of her wedding day with Vinnie. "I dunno... it's just, I'm gonna be a dad now and my dad never got the chance to do that. I kinda just wanna tell him about his grandkid... I've been thinking about it a lot."

"Great, so you wanna go hang around a cemetery when we could be going camping?!"

"It's out in the country" said VJ, brightening up a little. "We could visit the grave and then find a campsite somewhere?"

Hunter and VJ arrived at the gravesite.

“Hi Dad it’s me VJ so I’m going to be a father me at 17 can you believe it? Yeah me neither so mum got remarried again first to Dan and now Zac” 

VJ felt like he was talking to the air as Vinnie was dead but VJ did believe in a afterlife.

Before VJ left he cleaned up Vinnie’s grave and pulled up all the weeds and removed the dead flowers from his grave.

At the campsite the boys were barbequing Sausages and burgers for dinner VJ was never much of a cook and Leah well let’s just say she was not good at using a BBQ, Hunter always wanted to have a BBQ but Charlotte didn’t want people to see her get dirty often so they always cooked indoors or got take away.

 “Alright we’re going to run out of food by morning let’s go into town and get supplies” Hunter suggested.

VJ shrugged and got into the car.

At a nearby restaurant a waitress was watching the boys through the window. She knew Vinnie had a teenage son and that his mother Leah and him thought Vinnie was dead. She couldn't take her eyes off VJ. He looked so much like her two girls and she recognised him from a newspaper cutting that Vinnie had saved. 

The boys walked inside, the waitress called Vinnie and was talking in a low voice Vinnie your son is here she whispered

“Hey a little service please’ “Hunter called. He looked back at VJ and saw that he was white as a sheet. "What's up with you?" he asked, waving his hand in front of VJ's distracted face to get his attention.

“Did you see that?!” VJ asked, continuing to stare across at the waitress as she hung up the phone 

“She made a call so what” Hunter replied.

"So, she said 'Vinnie'. whispered VJ, frowning back at Hunter. "Don't you think that's more than a coincidence?"

"You don't think there's more than one Vinnie in the world?" teased Hunter.

"I guess" sighed VJ, but he continued to stare at the waitress with a worried look on his face.

The boys got the stuff they needed and went back outside.

“We should follow her” VJ suggested, "I just have a really weird feeling"

“Why?” Hunter asked, getting a little impatient

“I think my dad may be alive I'm pretty sure she said Vinnie" VJ whispered, "and I think she said your son is here"

Hunter got into the car and followed the waitress home to a big house. They watched, glancing at each other in shock, as Vinnie came outside and walked towards his wife in the driveway. He looked older, and had started to go a little grey around the temples, but he didn't really look much different from the young guy in that picture with Leah. There was no doubt that this was Vinnie Patterson!

“Vinnie your son and his friend came in today” Angela the waitress called out

"It’s not possible he’s in summer bay." Vinnie assured his wife. "It was probably just someone who looked like him."

Vinnie had another family with this woman and twin girls. it’s like Leah didn’t even exist.There were two little girls playing outside on their bikes and it struck VJ how much they looked like him. He felt very sad because he'd always wanted a younger brother or sister, and here he had two that he'd never get to know!

“Your dads alive” Hunter whispered, seeing the look of hurt and utter shock on VJ's face. He felt really bad for him. How could VJ's dad have let him think he was dead for all these years?!

 “C’mon Bro let’s go” VJ mumbled

Hunter pulls away from the curb.

VJ wouldn’t talk to Hunter the whole way back to the bay and there was no way VJ would tell Leah Vinnie is alive it was a bad idea and Leah was finally happy with Zac.

When the boys got back to the caravan park Billie was waiting looking nervous, upset and scared.

“I’ll be inside” Hunter said

"VJ I-" Billie started 

"What's wrong?" VJ asked

"VJ I- Billie tried again

“Billie what’s wrong?” VJ asked

“I lied” Billie whispered

“What do you mean you lied?” VJ asked

“This baby its not-“Billie started

“Billie  did you cheat?” VJ asked, feeling his heart begin to beat a lot faster.

“No VJ I was raped by Mick in the gym and I lead everyone to believe the baby was yours” Billie said.

VJ was so shocked that he wasn't sure what he was feeling. It was like someone had just kicked him in the stomach.

Billie got up and was crying she was so upset now. Before Billie told VJ she was nervous, upset and scared.

“Billie it’ll be okay” VJ assures her, not sure that he believed what he was saying.

“VJ it’s never going to be okay you’re not the father of this baby, that monster who raped me is” Billie said through her tears





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