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Crazy Bitch


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Title of story: Crazy Bitch

Type of Fic: One-Shot

BTTB Rating: G/T

Main Characters: Olivia, Tabitha and Hunter

Genre:  Drama and Teen

Does it contains spoilers:  yes for NZ and UK

Warnings:  Swearing to some Bitch may be swearing to others it's just another word

Story beginning read-proofed?: No

Summary:   Olivia believes the lie Tabitha tells her about Hunter until one day Olivia finds out the truth.


Olivia had met a new friend Tabitha Ford in counselling who is deceiving her by twisting words Hunter said to her and telling Olivia he said her scars are ugly and that's why they broke up when really Hunter told Tabitha Olivia was just hanging out with her as a pet project.

But Olivia believes Tabitha instead of Hunter.

"What did I do wrong?" Hunter asked

"I shouldn't have to tell you" Olivia said

"Tabitha is bad news whatever she told you was a lie" Hunter replied

"So you never said my scars are ugly and that's why we broke up?" Olivia asked

"No I told Tabitha you were pretending to be nice to her as a pet project but of course she lied and deceived you" Hunter replied

"That crazy Bitch" Olivia exploded

"I'm sorry she lied and deceived you" Hunter said

Olivia and Hunter were walking along the beach holding hands.

"What are you doing with him?' Tabitha yells

"I know you lied and deceived me you're a crazy  bitch!"  Olivia replied

"get lost Tabitha" Hunter added

"The nerve of that girl" Olivia said

"hey it's okay Liv" Hunter told her

Olivia hugged Hunter.

"I promise I'll never believe a crazy bitch over you" Olivia said





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