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Baby Chapman


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Hi all

I have so many long fics etc in the vault so I'm restricted to a one shot for a while.

Story Title: Baby Chapman

Type of Story: One Shot 

Main Characters Katarina Chapman 

Other Characters Kat's ex husband Darren and Nate Cooper 

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance

Spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary Katarina just got  out of a abused relationship 3 weeks ago when she finds out she is pregnant.



Katarina Chapman had just ended her relationship with her abusive husband Darren when she found out she was pregnant with a little girl.

Kat wasn't sure if she would  tell Darren.

a week had past until Kat decided she would tell Darren they meet at Angelo's.

"Darren I found out after we split well the same day that I'm pregnant it's a little girl." Kat said

Darren lifts his hand to hit her Kat catches his wrist.

Two months later 

Kat was out with her new boyfriend Nate.

All of a sudden Kat goes into labour and was in labour for what felt like 8 hrs.

"Welcome to the world Baby Chapman" Nate said 

Kat smiled 

"Her name is Jessica Paige Chapman" Kat whispered

Nate smiled 

"That's a cute name for a cute little girl" Nate said

Darren would never know his daughter he left the bay after Kat delivered the news to him.





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