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Strictly Come Dancing 2014

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Pixie doing Strictly makes me SO RIDICULOUSLY FREAKING HAPPY.


Phew sorry. Had to let it out. That may be my favourite Strictly signing EVER. <3

I have to say I'm really looking forward to seeing her on the show too. Can't wait to find out who the last few are :)

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Caroline has been added to the list. I'm happy with that. I don't know much about her. Never watched X Factor, but still a decent signing.

The final three celebrities are being revealed tomorrow night on The One Show. :)

Ahhhh. Can't wait <3

EDIT: [29/08/2014]

Final 3 celebrities were today confirmed as:

Gregg Wallace (Masterchef Judge)

Jennifer Gibney (Mrs Brown's Boys actress)

Tim Wonnacott (Bargain Hunt antiques expert)

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I can't wait for the launch show on Sunday.

The last 3 signings aren't too bad, as a big fan of MasterChef i'm looking forward to seeing Gregg Wallace on the show & looking forward to Jennifer Gibney being on on the show too. Can't wait to see who all the celebs are paired with now.

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So we've had 2 weeks of live shows already... What has everybody thought so far?

My faves so far are Jake Wood & Caroline Flack. I've been been surprised by how good both of them are. Jake's dance this week was fantastic & I can't wait to see what he does next week.

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Jake's Salsa was WOW good!!! I have to admit, I wasn't quite as crazy about his Tango as others seemed to be (although it WAS good!), and I went into this week really sceptical, with low hopes for his Latin dancing, but then he did THAT. For only the second week (and first of his Latin dances), that was FABULOUS. I still get this weird feeling, in terms of media coverage/general conversation etc, he's going to slip under people's radars behind the Pixie/Frankie/Thom younger types. It bodes well for him though, because the public LOVE those kind of contestants.

Caroline is also really good. Her Cha Cha last week was really good (and certainly opened the new series with a sparkly bang!) and her Tango was technically quite good. The song choice for the Tango was poor though. Certainly another contender.

Frankie, Pixie and Thom are the typical stories where you get the feeling it's eventually going to become a battle of technicality vs. personality. They all seem like really nice people, but there's not a massive spark in their personalities. Think Rachel Stevens / Ali Bastian types. It wouldn't surprise me if they all suffer the same fates in the end too. I personally really like Frankie and Pixie, and will continue to vote for them for as long as their dancing impresses me. I'm not flying the flag for Thom quite yet though.

Simon...... I just don't like the guy at all. There's something really off putting about him. It's probably because the pre-show interviews and videos were heavily edited and made him come across as arrogant and I just can't get passed the idea he's one of those that will end up thinking he's better than he actually is. I may turn out to be wrong (and I hope I do!), but I'm not much of a fan.

Mark is LOVELY. I'm no fan of these TOWIE-type shows, and I hoped we'd never stoop to such contestants, but he's pleasantly surprising me. My fear is that he's going to be SO nice, people are going to bore of him. He's probably got the fan base to stay a while though. (If not until the end)

Sunetra has been a pleasant surprise. Particularly with her Cha Cha last night. Gives me the impression she, like Jake, will slip under the radar to the youngsters, but could win people over enough to go far.

Alison is also good, and lovely (and bringing out the loveliest side to Aljaz too!), but the whole thing just screams Lisa Riley again. Because she's the larger contestant, all comments will be about the "fun and enthusiasm" she has, even if it voids technicality. She's done two good, but not hugely special. She's another that has a great personality though, and I can see her outlasting some of those that will perhaps end up being better than her, technically.

Steve is LOVELY. I actually love him. He seems such a nice guy, that's just giving it his best shot. He's one of those "middle-runner" contestants that will indeed be eliminated before the final stages (I'm thinking right near the middle), but the kind of contestant that just makes you smile.

Tim and Scott fall into the same category for me. Neither of them are very good, but they're both so lovely, I don't want any of them to go yet. I mean, they have to go before the "contenders" of course, so it doesn't turn into a farce, but I'm going to love them both for however long they stay. (I will NEVER forgive the song choice for Scott's Tango though. Another poor, poor choice!)

Jennifer, Gregg and Judy all fall into the same "Wouldn't miss them if they were the first three to go" category. The saddest thing about their departures will be when the time comes to say goodbye to the lovely Tristan (Who I may already be a little bit in love with. Haha).

I'm hoping tonights Dance-Off will be between Gregg and Judy, but I wouldn't be surprised to see either Jennifer or Tim (or both) in there.

The main thing right now though is just getting rid of the no-hopers. I'd say we just need to lose Gregg, Tim, Judy and Scott in the first 5-6 weeks and then it could very well be anyone's game. (I'm being presumptuous there, I know.)

I'm just so looking forward to the competition REALLY getting started now. :D

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