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Soooo...Anybody watching this?

I'll admit to only watching initially because Todd Lasance had been cast....that lasted for the first ep of season 1...then i just carried on because it's INCREDIBLE!!!

Andy Whitfield was just amazing as Spartacus in the first season...such a great and sad loss to the industry :( (If you don't know he was diagnosed with cancer shortly before the second season was due to be filmed and passed away not much later)

Liam Mcintyre has stepped into the role brilliantly for the final 2 seasons.

There's sex, violence and bad language in vast vast quantaties so if that's not your bag then don't watch but the writing is immence and you are guaranteed edge of your seat, nail biting drama!

As for Todd.....breath taking!!! There is a scene in ep 4 (i think) of this season that is SO incredible i defy anyone not to be moved by it....even the die hard Spartacus fans must have been all "hail Caesar" at one point :wink:

Todd Lasance has a scene as Caesar in this episode that steals the entire season so far. Lasance has done a great job capturing this rock-star vibe for Caesar but in these emotional moments he not only captures the essence of the
historic leader but shows how tremendous of an actor he is too.

And then this last ep (8).....i spent the last 15 minutes or so just crying and in complete and utter shock...absolutely incredible acting from everybody involved and one of the most shocking and unpredictable twists i've ever seen!

I hope there are some of you who are watching it....you are missing a treat if you aren't because did I mention.....NakedTodd Lasance :whistling:

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